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Moon in Cancer, grand water trine Mars/Neptune


An increased sensitivity to what is going on around us envelops this earth now. Psychic slipstreams pull us into an awareness of the underlying subtleties and nuances between us. We are operating at much more refined emotional frequencies.

Be gentle.

Underneath the need to feel loved and accepted lies a multitude of insecurities that creep into our daily interactions, with the potential to create confused actions, leading us into potentially impractical situations.

Be ultra-aware of your psychical effect. Stem the flow of your spiritual projection upon others.

Be similarly vigilant to the unconscious undertow of others’ susceptibility to become possessed by pernicious psychic forces and to act out in harmful ways.

We are all quite vulnerable to negative moods, which can manifest into agitation and frightful misunderstandings.


This is a strange precursor to the Full Moon this weekend. Much will be revealed about our dear shadow.

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[art: Kasia Derwinska]
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