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LILITH opposition URANUS (in Aries), square MERC/PLUTO

lilith astrology, lilith pluto astrology, lilith pluto aspects, lilith uranus astrology, lilith womanOk, now let me be YOU for a minute…

I understand you being so pissed inside. So absolutely ropable and hurt, and quietly shattered with dismay, because as far as your heart knows you just did everything to please me – you played along with all my selfish ways and fed right in to my incessant bitchiness and narcissistic rants for hours each day, you more than just lapped up my auto-hagiologies, you friggin’ painted my golden halo and then you photographed my damned selfies just to post on your own stupid instagram account… You dropped it all, at just a moment’s notice, neglected your own children to be at my beck and call, and when your mother got sick you left her cold in the hospital just to run and fetch me from the rain after the ball game… I understand you being quietly upset now (i really do) even though you say you’re happy for me (and her)…

Now let me be the NOT YOU…

You brought this all upon your stupid self. Suck it up and get over it 🙂

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