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MERCURY stationed to turn direct (conjunct PLUTO, square URANUS)

mercury pluto astrology, mercury pluto aspect, mercury direct, mercury in capricorn, mercury 2016, mercury stationingIt’s hard to still your mind when you try to still your mind.

Meditation is not about the effort you make to stop your thoughts from running away with your mind. It is not about the wonderful techniques you will employ, like yoga and the many positions you will sit, stretching, breathing. It is not about the gurus or the various teachings they impart to seduce you into experiencing a momentary lapse of cogitation. Meditation is not a thing. It has no description. No commentary of it is necessary. No instructions need apply.

Meditation is an absence.

A complete drop of all the processes happens only in the moment when you consciously stop trying to drop all processes.

It is the process of elimination of all process.

When you cease adding analysis of the past, prediction of the future, description of the now… the product is the pure moment.

In that moment, all that remains is you.

Pure you.

We are closer now.
Closer than ever before…

…yet, it is harder now. Harder than ever.

Are you here?

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