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WEEK AHEAD: February 1 – 8

[art: Kasia Derwinska]
[art: Kasia Derwinska]
In perhaps one of the more climactic weeks since the Cancer Full Moon (25th December) we see the build-up of greater energies (Saturn, Uranus, Pluto) becoming expressed through some of the more personal themes in our lives via the inner planets, and in particular, this week with asteroid Vesta, ruler of devotion, becoming highly active in the story.

The week kicks off with an ominous Third Quarter Moon in Scorpio, a pressing reminder from that Aquarian Sun that we must readjust to the new more progressive way – something has to change, to go, this closing Moon phase brings a crisis in awareness – the old ways of reacting are useless and it’s time to learn to move with forward.

As the Sun edges closer to its square with the Scorpio Mars (Sunday Feb 7) we can sense the masculine energy pushing, yet almost in a futile sense. It tends to lack true direction and an affinity with what’s needed, so there is a propensity that efforts may be wasted, or at least at odds with those who hold authority. Conflict may arise, and since Mars was recently conjunct Juno, goddess of the marriage relationship, we see where all the tension may be pressing from. It is indeed a time to assess the balance between what we truly envision of ourselves and our hopes as individuals, in contrast to what is required of us in our most significant relationship or marriage. Juno in Scorpio turns up the intimacy in committed partnerships, and matters in love become totally intensified this week as Venus conjuncts Pluto, then squares Uranus (all on Saturday Feb 6), creating a real pressure cooker all around.

As the theme of commitment in marriage (whether present, past or future) becomes critically important this week, Vesta ruler of devotion comes into the Uranus/Pluto fray and demonstrates just how epochal our consciousness shift is becoming with regard to raising our vibration to meet the ‘Cosmic Marriage’.

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