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WEEK AHEAD: 25 Jan – 1 Feb

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Last week’s Lilith Cross, the Sun’s ingress into Aquarius, and Leo Full Moon made for a climactic week, and there was a new, more detached approach to dealing with some of the more annoying issues between us, especially those more confronting, awful elements we tend to hide away or suppress. Much has accumulated to the surface to be seen, and though there’s little doubt that some things have been somewhat uncomfortable, there is no time better than the present to address inter-relational matters with a bit more of a progressive view.

Mercury’s station to go direct is this week’s big switch. Suddenly it seems like all those things we left behind in the past 2-3 weeks – those that keep desperately calling us to turn back and face up to our ‘responsibilities’ are messing with our minds all week. By Saturday (Mercury conjunct Pluto), we are forced to redefine exactly what the true essence of ‘response-ability’ really means to us.

Intense goddess energies are active now. Asteroids Ceres and Vesta are locked into a tight semi-square now until early April, accentuating the dilemma of having to choose between the need to support and nurture family and being drawn into deeper into our individual spiritual pursuits. Mercury’s involvement in this tussle by a square to Vesta this week creates even more of a headache, asking us to logically verify just how practical our spiritual pursuits are. There is a real war going on between those who stand with the fraternity of shame and duty, versus those who want to experience freedom of expression. That war could be an entirely internalised one for you. Are you being self-centred and irresponsible with your choice to take a more spiritual path? What are the costs to your family and your place in society if you decide to follow your true calling? What is the cost if you do not follow your heart?

Ultimately some sacrifice might be required in your commitment to your path. It’s best to avoid seeing the situation in either/or terms, and allow room for both emotional and spiritual fulfilment. Resolving this dilemma will create great strength of character and integrate both poise and purpose in your life.

Meanwhile, things get a little hot for someone in the partnership this week, and with all this Scorpio energy around it’s hard for them to avoid being pressed into the corner and squeezed until stuff oozes out.

The Mars/Juno conjunction sees issues of fidelity, respect and equality in marriage (or its modern-day equivalent) as the main pressure point in relationships at the moment. Woe to anyone (probably some hapless, old-paradigm insensitive male) who steps the margins of improper choice of words or actions within conjugal arrangements. Hell hath no fury like a Juno/Mars in Scorpio scorned, and with this immensely intense aspect we get to see a distinct new line being drawn in the sand in how we establish new roles in our connubial affairs. Naturally, where Mars in Scorpio is involved, there is a touch of the ruthless enforcer acting out, and to those who have been recently enjoying this fantastic little myth of the “open relationship”, those days may well be up. Mars in Scorpio cannot put up with any frivolous, juvenile excuses that allow emotional leakages and infidelities within two loving partners. Many are realising that the fun and games are over and it’s time to get serious. A new standard is being forged in the evolution of the ‘divine marriage’. To avoid terminally painful scenes, the masculine will need to undergo a complete transformation in his maturity of choices involving others.

In a way, we are coming to a whole new level of maturity entirely. Venus entering Capricorn is also a coming of age into a time when we must make some practical choices with how we choose to relate to one another. Yes, it is important for men to maintain their masculinity – it gives them a strength and firmness necessary to stay appealing to their feminine counterparts. But they must learn to access and to integrate their deeply caring and compassionate nature. The truly complete masculine now comes to be very aware of the unity of all life thanks to both the firmness and the forgiving kindness of his woman. She teaches him that it is not a weakness to be empathic or psychically sensitive. He is capable too of being a wonderful artist, capturing the imagination through the mysterious or ethereal quality of your expressions. In the Venus sextile to Neptune a truly attuned female partner or friend acts like a spiritual guide or counsellor, guiding the masculine into trusting his own ‘inner goddess’ and enabling him to access the power of his wonderful sensitivity towards all creatures with unashamed expression.

This shapes up to be a most profoundly meaningful week for everyone.

May it be an amazing one for you, and blessings.

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  1. Holy wow. This is very deep!! And amazingly relating to my “world” rightnow!! However, i have to reread several times, to wrap my head around this!! Anythhing else?

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