Rx Mercury on URANUS/PLUTO

Jackhammer penetration, piercing through the crust, through rings of layers of domestication, what to trust?
Did you not know that all you know and all you ever learned
has been entrusted all to you only by those maladjusted few
whose rusted wisdom has disgusted and it left you sore and spurned
for their contrivances and deeply spurious agenda
has come undone now – you’ve been stooged by some offender
a surreptitiously manipulating shady life-force spender
has taken you and all your kind for some enormous joyride
for generations did extol your family’s spirit genocide
and cast its cultural brouhaha on your sorry clan
please stop this now, this dirty sham, you know i know you can
stop it I say, wanna get off, right now, this very day
it makes me sick
impolitic, i can no longer play
stop this damned ride
leave me aside i won’t abide no more
and let me slide till i decide
this game’s a stupid bore
it’s time to see, to really feel
my way inside my soul
and drop all thoughts
and come to see
what’s really fucking real…

Mercury Retro, Mercury Retrograde, Mercury Pluto Aspects, Uranus/Pluto


  © All rights reserved, Ang Stoic
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