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Full Moon at 3° 29′ Leo, Sunday 24th January, 1:23 UTC

[pic: Boy with Lion, Natalia Sandbauch]
Full Moons are a time of heightened awareness; of realisation; of wide-eyed, unfiltered awakening. Sometimes, Full Moons can be a time when we can turn so wild with personal, self-effacing acquiescence that we might howl madly, in lupine fashion, at the Moon herself.

When the Moon reaches her exact opposition to the Sun each month, she casts a full-blast solar reflection upon us here on earth. In this moment she portends the peak of maturity in the cycle of certain decisions we have taken in the past. Either we like or feel completely disheartened about our efforts, and it really is no wonder that some people go quite looney around this time. Emotions can take over, and we may react quite impulsively against all rational reasoning. There is a real argument forming between the world you have created and how it sits with your instincts. Are you happy with what you see? This is your world. Does it bring you the happiness you seek?

Yes? …then it’s time to celebrate success!

No? … well, then maybe it’s time to cut your losses and capitulate.

Either way, this moment spells a high tide in a certain personal area of your life…

This month’s Full Moon in Leo holds up themes in our chart where we seek to feel special – to be distinctly recognised. Even the meekest among us has that special niche in which they like to shine, where one can demonstrate proudly some exceptional talent or flair for something which not many may share. In the most rudimentary sense, this might simply amount to nothing more than just being loud or overbearing, boorish and domineering, but can range up to the most sophisticated and self-aware expression of one’s unique and refined special gifts. In any sense, it is our need to be noticed and heard, and in our desire to express ourselves in what we love to do best, what gives us the most joy to do or what leaves us feeling most proud to achieve.

[pic: tim walker – the lion king]
Meanwhile, the Sun is in the opposite sign of Aquarius, where fair and square (without fanfare) is how we live and how we share.

Since being loud and proud are themes of increasingly grating abrasiveness in a time where gentleness and sensitivity towards one another are increasingly becoming valued, this Full Moon only accentuates and highlights the obscenity chest-beating, egotistical displays. Any overtly domineering behaviour from individuals is immediately challenged for its overall value to the group dynamic. It is an interesting phenomenon to observe in all relationships,especially in the wake of all the Uranus/Pluto squares of 2012-15. The Full Moon’s almost precise hard aspect to Chiron (sesqui-square, 135°) now makes it painfully obnoxious to still witness even the slightest instances of stinking bravura and demanding sense entitlement of some individuals.

It seems that we have reached a proper turning point where any sign of disrespect for the tender rights and precious commodities of freedom and liberty are seen as no longer tolerable. Any lack of compassion or humility for the rights of others is instantly sensed as coming from a lack of emotional maturity from an undernourished inner child. And whilst we might seek to understand this, we will make our decision now about whether we should continue to support this out of some misplaced belief that it is just part of our culture, or walk away because in essence, any inequity is patently unacceptable in this age.

What we do come to celebrate however is that when we come into full alignment with our deep, inner sense of integrity, matched against an ability to share our uniqueness (indiscriminately) with others without any demand for admiration, tributes or royalties. Our insecurities need not be the motivating factor for creating a song and dance for ourselves. We must find context for our specialness by finding how we can contribute to the greater good of all with our unique gifts.

At this time, with Jupiter conjunct the North Node in Virgo bringing us all down to earth together, this moment in history is an opportunity to learn how to get along with our own kind by expressing our amazingness. Contributing in a uniquely creative way which not only reinforces our sense of specialness, but reminds us how valued we are in the context of a community will allow us to build greater networks of true support and encouragement towards our emotional growth.

Blessings, and have an amazing Full Moon.


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