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NEW MOON at 19°13′ Capricorn, 10 January, 2016, 1:31 UTC

[art: Ahmed Emad Eldin]
[art: Ahmed Emad Eldin]
It is New Moon.

Capricorn, the goat.
The climber.
The ambitious, the conscientious, dutiful, restrained, enduring mountain goat.

New Moon = New beginning.

New climb.

What’s it gonna be for you?
Do you even know?
Are you even conscious of what new peak you are about to set your sights on?

With the expressive Sun’s recent conjunction to Pluto, aligned to the instinctive Moon, this very potent lunation undertakes an intense inward mission to traverse the darkest, most harrowing secrets of the subconscious domain. Rather than climb upward Capricorn decides to burrow under and deep within to find the source of one’s power. Power that is either accessed and exerted in one’s current world as intent to control, or power that is disconnected and leaves us vulnerable to the influence and control of others.

Meanwhile, the still very effective square from Uranus illuminates this “journey to the centre of our earth” with such irreverent brilliance that it uncomfortably rattles all traces of deep-seated psycho-sexual attachment from its roots, leaving all those perplexed with issues of control feeling shaken, stirred and confounded by how vulnerable we have become due to our attachment to many subconscious agreements to dominate or allow ourselves to be dominated.

It is a phenomenon that has been processing intensely for years now – a spiritual shift in consciousness that has vowed to leave no stone unturned in its pursuit to find out where the true source of power, wealth, sex and immortality emanate from. The results have been deeply shocking and disturbingly disruptive to both our personal and to our greater social order, and we have seen enormous shifts in understanding the true essence of what constitutes the true emotional nature of desire, obsession and rage.

The strong trine from earthy Jupiter in Virgo, now conjunct the North Node indicates that there is a tribal movement to come to practical terms with our situation and through forming a more co-operative syndicate amongst those whom we connect with on spiritual levels, actually do the groundwork to improve our situation by helping one another is ways which are beneficial to everyone involved.
CAP MoonThere is a different focus in our usual tendencies to the obsessive use of our energy now. We are drawn with great intensity toward certain activities which could result in making drastic changes, not just in our internal vitality but in our external projections. Some may experience great tension and conflict between those in their environment and one’s conscious, more objective self. In short, there is a need to acknowledge one’s emotions and to be truthful about how one feels without allowing those emotions to overtake and destroy through acts of jealousy, possessiveness and unreasonable expectations from others. The real challenge now will be how to find positive and productive outlets for the copious amounts of emotional energy that emanates from our often ‘blind’ ambition to change and regenerate the world around us.

On the greater, more sociological level, this is a time when we will begin to dig deeper into what’s consuming our world. The big questions for society are going to be about where we draw our power. Are living on borrowed time, harvesting resources which are not renewable and patently unsustainable? What are the alternatives to drawing our power from deeply-stored, emotionally charged and fuelled with millions of years of rage – a fossilised remnant of a long-forgotten reptilian consciousness which was yet to show any signs of enlightenment — it was underevolved and underdeveloped, and accessing this today is gradually filling our present consciousness with the toxic pollutants of mania and hysterical loss of control for reasons that we scantly understand. How do we transition to a much more sustainable social framework which is more eco-nomical and eco-friendly – such as the channeling of present power directly from the sun’s rays.

“Keep your heart clear
And transparent,
And you will
Never be bound.
A single disturbed thought
Creates ten thousand distractions.”

~ Ryokan

As with every New Moon, the secret of our developing emotional maturity is learning to fuse our emotions with the true spirit of the great Solar intent. Come now, and make an intention on this New Moon to responsibly transform your world by taking mastery over the domains of hostile confrontation, and head responsibly towards a consciousness which extends far beyond than our struggled efforts to engage in civilised debate. Those of you that see the light, use the light to venture steadily into the new paradigms of telepathic empathy between one another.

And have a glorious New Moon,
blessings to all.

© All rights reserved, Ang Stoic 2016
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  1. So that is the why I’m unusually inert. I don’t respond immediately to the things, people, dilemmas, I feel unable to utter a coherent thought. Where did my communication skills wander? They are in conflict; I may be tired of my own bullshit. Some don’t want what I say…..they pry answers from me and then become hostile.

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