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FULL MOON square VESTAAside from many familiar, fuzzy-feeling type things, this Full Moon spells the end to many religious and spiritual customs that have now truly run their course.

The whole ‘holy’ gig is up.

Such is the discord and disdain around any traditions that fail to integrate the core meaning of their religious faith & devotion into a world which, in all practical sense, has turned its back on the real problems festering everywhere upon this earth.

The choice becomes crystal clear: that in oder to enjoy our customary ‘festive’ ways, we must be in almost complete ignorance to the wars, famines and true spirit of what this occasion is really all about.

Yet, who dares to undertake the mighty risk of speaking the real truth in public today? That we honestly could not care less about our neighbour’s well being as long as we are relatively better off? Who dares to come together and put forth some viable effort to reach a resolution that accords with the true essence of what these overly-sentimental devotional ceremonies are really all about? And then again, who can even stand to listen and do something about it?

(It was, after all, about “peace on earth/ good will to men” was it not?)

Pfftt… get out of my way, I still have so many things left to check off my list…

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