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THE WEEK IN REVIEW: Saturday 12th, December

As the dust begins to settle in what has been a tumultuous week, let us take some guided lessons and come now to understand: The source of much of our discontentment is when we allow the toxic influence of negative thoughts and judgements of others to possess our minds and infiltrate our hearts. We do not wish to become poisoned by the extremely partial agenda of those in our world. Yet when we are not vigilant, we are easily swayed, and at times our defenses become threatened and we act in abominable ways.

We have all experienced a very challenging fortnight. In the week before, many of us had felt run down by the scathing abrasions of our reality upon our beautiful, dreamy sensitivities. This has lowered our spirits and left us confused and vulnerable to the external influences of pernicious psychic attacks, caused by suspicion, jealousy, hatred. These invisible dark forces, lurking desperately among us are an accumulation of all the negativity in the world, and as always, looking to attach themselves to those who are most susceptible. Finding us at a point of weakness, these forces have managed to infiltrate and to affect the peacefulness of our relationships.

Let us take a moment, in these next few days to repose, and return ourselves back to our centre.

There has been some hurt, of12366423_766900126747486_1632770984766157839_n course, and some of this has caused us seemingly irreparable damage. Yet we have also shifted tremendously. We have grown to understand that it is essentially one thing that causes all the grief and suffering for ourselves, making it harder for us to express the joy and love for ourselves and towards our dear friends. The source of all our pain essentially emanates from our misguided decision to attach emotions onto thoughts and ideas that simply do not align with our own intuitive guidance.

Take one deep breath. Return back into your body.

See that you have the power to come back to this place, and understand that in this precious moment you have the strength to make a brand new decision.

Decide now, that whilst you will still respectfully listen to others, you must ultimately choose to go with the voice of your own inner angels. Only this loving voice will continue to guide you most faithfully through the challenging times yet ahead.

Observe your Self.
And have a lovely weekend.


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