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The Week Ahead ~ LILITH conjunct MARS @10°50′ LIBRA

LILITH conjunct MARS @10°50′ LIBRA

One thing we do know about Black Moon Lilith is that she represents our “inner bitch” and some of us exemplify her traits pretty well, while others… well… let’s just say we are at the mercy of the ‘bitch’ without.

Lilith in Libra can be quite cleverly manipulative, though we are not quite going to cop her insidiously snidey wrath directly, since she does all her bitch-campaigning guilefully, behind our backs. Up to our face she plays a very tactful ploy and kinda goads us into places where we may haplessly tilt the scales against ourselves (the cunning Mata Hari that she is…).lilith conjunct mars, lilith astrology, black moon lilith, lilith bitch, bitch queen lilith, lilith jealousy, astrology reading, ang stoiclilith conjunct mars, lilith astrology, black moon lilith, lilith bitch, bitch queen lilith, lilith jealousy, astrology reading, ang stoic

And then along comes Mars, who in Libra is about as passive aggressive as you can get ’em. When he steps foot into the Lilith snare, hell hath no fury like the bitch inflamed by jealousy and scorn, and ’cause she’s done her groundwork behind the scenes to mount a monumental stink of wildly unhinged political aspersions, stuff begins to unravel in a very hostile, nasty way.

Funny thing is, everyone is somehow in on the whole sordid stink, so when shit hits the fan the whole meleé gets so messy that you can’t make out your allies from your turncoat foes…

Not surprising then that so much starts to sour around this point, particularly concerning politics, public relations and the like…

Nothing more toxic than the spread of gossip and strategically sponsored propaganda.

Try to stay out of it, I say, else things could get super-heavy-complex for you (and your entire operation), especially leading into next weekend (MARS sq PLUTO).

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