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THE SUN squaring the NODES

We are at the halfway point between two very powerful eclipses.

The VIRGO SOLAR ECLIPSE of September 13 this year has activated our collective urge to become much more discerning and to tidy up our act. It has brought out a distinct focus in all of us to become aware of what needs to be done for the sake of purging any undesirable elements from our lives. It was a call to get busy. Since then, we have diligently gone about this process by connecting with kindred souls, and so together we march to the beat of the same drum, creating, in most part, a concerted effort to purify ourselves and to define the narrow boundaries of distinction of what we consciously want to keep in our world, and those things that we will no longer tolerate.

Hope you have learned to draw the line, and in a big way come to carefully flush away the very elements that always made you feel uneasy.

As the Sun now squares the Nodes, we begin to move towards the Pisces South Node, and this time becomes a turning point in our spiritual journey. We discriminately developed a taste of where we need to be as a collective kindred, and in the process learned what we must eliminate or leave behind.

We now begin the three month journey to revisit the haunting echoes of our past. The next eclipse shapes up be one of the most divisive moments of our recent times, and this possibly comes due to the fact that in our evolutionary immaturity we threaten to victimise upon those who we find so different and disparate to ourselves, holding them in such grave contempt that, in the lowest sense, we may be pone to create a whole world of scapegoats.

This is an arrogance, and it is not only harmful, but it leads us away from our highest development of self, both as individuals and as a collective tribe.

Even those souls who claim to be the most aware, will find it challenging to fight against such negativity and density of matter. The next eclipse is fully charged with such frustration that may leave our human-kindness quite aghast with pitiful unkindness.

Yes we must be practical, and must make tough decisions in our quest to create our perfect, pristine community with those whom we may consider as holy alliances. But the cost of taking a righteously higher moral ground may be just terrible if we expel other with a critical finger of shame and blame.

If you understand what I am talking about, then know that this is now a time to rise above the hatred and resentment, the bitter judgement that this world (which was here millions of years before you) owes you anything.

On the contrary…

….it may be you who owes something here.

Know how to do your special part, practice it well – and know too, how your part is instrumental to the greater ensemble that scales gradually towards a deafening crescendo in the coming years, because in truth, many down here are struggling desperately to find their own place in this (often) quite shrill cacophony, in what above all just aspires (actually) to be the grandest, sweetest symphony of all.

We must learn to become more than just begrudgingly tolerant of our neighbours.
We must begin to learn how to be truly kind.

Be faithful to your kind.
Be kind in your faith.

[The next Solar Eclipse is it 18° 55′ Pisces, conjunct Chiron/South Node, opposite Jupiter in Virgo, T-squared by Saturn in Sagittarius, March 9 2016]

THE SUN squaring the NODES

[Art by J.R. Slattum]


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