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New Moon at 19°02′ Sagittarius ~ 11 December, 2015, 10:28 UTC

With the last New Moon for the year, we are entering the grand finále of a year which has progressively created a stark divergence of unprecedented proportions amongst those still competing in the human race. Sure, there have been times in the past where the world has been at odds, even at war – but in those old days, divisions were mostly based on exteriorised values such as nationality, colour, or cultural persuasion. They were primarily manipulated by kings, priests and politicians, and the battlelines of distinction were made externally clear. People were easily led to wholeheartedly takes sides between us (good guys) and them (evil baddies).

Nothing like a good-old-fashioned melée on some three dimensional terms. These are easy to choose sides, and for that matter, easily solved by throwing some rocks at your enemy.

The kind of split we are experiencing now is quite phenomenal, in that it creates a quadrature into the heart of the matter within each and every individual. The way that this is being experienced is as a conflict between the self and the other (not-self), as well as between the lower (instinctive) and higher (intuitive) mind.

This past week has brought enormous pressure and emphasis to this split. The first Saturn/Neptune square is ready to rock the whole of humanity over the higher principles of truth, belief and lies.

We are all about to be seriously stunned about how real the world that we perceive – the world that we have been taught to see through certain lenses, and the world that we ultimately come to know and trust.

What is the ‘truth’? Is there such a thing? What do we truly know about what is going on in our lives? Are all those things in the media really true? Is our world really as secure/insecure a place as we are led to believe? And what about our own world? Who is that person we are with? Or who are our parents for that matter? Is everything we have been led to believe only a version of make believe? And who are we in all of that? Do we even believe our own selves, or are we just a story that we keep repeating to ourselves, based of what we have been lead to believe?


With Saturn (Lord of structure) in Sagittarius (the truth-seeker) squaring Neptune (ruler of dreams and higher realms) in Pisces (the sensitive, mystic)  for another 12 months, we are fully in for a conflicting time about what we ‘believe’ and what is ‘true’.

Which brings us to this New Moon in Sagittarius. New Moons are the beginning of something, planting a new seed. The seed we plant in Sagittarius will germinate into something big one day. Something that flourishes and creates fruit so abundant, it promises to fill the world with sweetness. But Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter (master of knowledge, law, religion), who currently in the very discerning sign of Virgo is square (at odds principally) with this fecund New Moon.

Jupiter also seeks to foster and encourage growth. In this case, however, he does so by requesting a full practical plan on how this germination of an idea may happen. In a way, both the New Moon and the conflicting Jupiter are seeking growth.  Sagittarius is mutable/fire and is looking to do this by natural, exponential growth, one based on the faith and spirit that it has a right to be, and it will grow to be whatever it may be. The challenge from its ruler Jupiter is accounting for how this process is to take place. It asks us to succinctly provide a detailed plan as to how it intends to do this, using what resources, both material and labour, and provide regular health/progress reports and a micro-economic update through every part of the cycle… [gasp].

Sounds like there’s going to be a fair degree of activity around this particular growth cycle. We are going to learn a lot in this next 12 months. But since there is this backdrop of Saturn/Neptune (ultimate dissolution of belief structures), we may find that the next year will be quite challenging if we seek to the exterior world to provide us with the progress report on how the project is moving. In fact, just in looking at the limitation of reliable resources, we may have to learn to become more dependent on ourselves to focus on discerning the differences between what’s real and true, both within ourselves and matters concerning others, as well as the battle that must be waged between our instincts (our inherited past) and our intuition (the guidance of the heavens).

One thing that stands during this new cycle of expansion and growth towards discovering our truth, is that we will not be allowed to commence this new journey without first accepting and trusting (or outright rejecting) some degree of discernment and accountability to both to ourselves and to those around us. This time we have to be ultra careful that we do not become too boorishly righteous, arrogant, irascible, even belligerent with our approach. We must learn to listen, trust our instincts and to go with these. If we go against our own truth, we may be seriously misled, and this cycle of beginnings will lead us into a path of denial and lies, that will be very difficult to deal with by the time the Sagittarian Sun meets Saturn again (December 10. 2016).

We know one thing – that in these current times those who proclaim their righteousness over others without at least allowing us the right to challenge their pontificating ways will become brought to account by the ultimate truth – nature’s laws. So let’s do this. Using our intuitive guidance, let’s now launch into a wonderful, 12 month discovery of a new truth that becomes wonderfully more enriching to inner sense of knowing – a certainty and assuredness that cannot be shaken, a seniority over matters that affect us and a growing sense that we are happily integrated into a greater whole.

This year has been one of growing divergence among us, both in thought and ideology. The scepticism and doubt that is building between us is serving to divide us all into the smallest possible particle. By this time next year, many of us will be finding it difficult to listen to anybody’s truth without at least some question as to their authenticity and true motive. We will find it harder and harder to accept the truth as an absolute Eventually, as we have become most divided and reticent to fully believe one another, we will settle on only one favourable truth – the one resonating from our inner core.

In tomorrow’s increasingly enlightened world – not because of, but almost to the behest of the deluge of information that is pushed upon us, humans will learn to trust and hold faith only in the most sophisticated guidance system that exists: their own intuition.

This New Moon, with its square to Jupiter, indicates that the personal journey to discovering all this will be met with much trepidation against everything that tries to teach us, particularly through its (Virgoan Jupiter) over-analysis and fastidiousness with maths and process rather than (Sadge Lunation) heart and inspiration. It may end up dividing us into its own divinity.

Let’s look at this New Moon cycle as the start of a very large mathematical exercise in long-division. The final answer… the truth.. lies in the smallest possible whole integer. In this, there can not be any signs of the usual Sagittarian ambivalence. If the journey is a process, then this process is one of division until the smallest particle left is you, [and some remainders of a whole].

Since we’re only interested in the whole, we are essentially dividing to the point of seeing clearly what remains unwhole…. to eliminate. So, ultimately, the truth is less about becoming what you are by expansion (multiplication), and more about unbecoming who you are not through the process of division and elimination. 

It is time to let go of any attachments and accoutrements that simply do not belong to us and to see for ourselves for what is truly there. The whole self. Minus the superfluous junk and meaningless souvenirs that we might happened to gather through our travels.

Have an amazing journey xx

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