MOON in CAPRICORN (a meditation)

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Sometimes life only serves as a melodramatic re-Minder of just how easily we are drawn apart. One voice is calling you this way, another calls you towards the opposite direction, and then again, a third voice summons you at cross-purposes to both. They are all very loud, and sometimes very forceful. They’re trying to remind you of stuff you need to tend to out there. So to retreat, another voice again may call you, urging you to run and hide away in a whole different direction altogether…

If you allow yourself to become partial to the many callings of the very busy, responsibility-laden, slave-driving mind of yours, then, at times like these, you will appear to act in wild discord with your true self.

Come back into your inner being and listen to the powerful voice that speaks to you directly from within.

Only you can hear that voice. That voice is distinctly yours.

But you must become still.

Still your mind. No single thought can ever claim to be your true inner voice…. in truth all thoughts are NOT your own. “God’s” voice comes in to you through angelic realms – and these realms are in the space between the smoke-and-mirror illusions that are created in your mind by the thoughts and ideas that possess you. Learn to un-become affected by these [even these very words here in my text could possess you and make you dependant].

Your true calling is speaking to you all the time… if you listen with openness and love for your own dear heart, you will discover that you are ok… Perfect actually.

Love your self with all the magnificence of your grace… listen to how your self is sending you fresh re-minders constantly that you are worthy to become love incarnate. Your loving grace can radiate a warmth and lightness, shine even unto the darkest, hidden recesses of your soul, and bring back joy into your own heart and to those of others…

Every time you breathe deeply with intent, you call yourself back deep into your centre. You stand firm to silence all those other voices that pull you apart in all directions. Stand firmly into the centre of your temple and create a space to hear the only true voice. The voice of inner reason. You can do this, in this moment, now… it’s a little miracle… hear that voice (even for a split second).
Breathe in deeply.

Now, as you slowly exhale, take the strength to make a decision based firmly only on that voice. (It takes a lot of courage to take action upon this). Now follow through with firm determined steps to get to where you are being guided. Your vocation only exists in this one place (here), and is available to you right now. Free of ‘charge’. And it wants nothing FROM you. Only the best direction FOR you.

This is the true voice of responsibility.

Breathe deep into your heart… and listen to the voice that you exhale.


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