The stern, hard-lined mind, now concentrated on a specific problem and with intent to bring discipline is met with considerable emotional backlash from those who will not tolerate any pressure or ‘reasonable’ compromise to their absolute freedom.

But the point is pressed. It is a profoundly unusual exchange of communication in that it lends (against all resistance) an opportunity to find deeply persuasive methods to affect the most obscure, most difficult problems – even against those who are especially radical or reactive in most inexplicable or seemingly infantile ways.

An important moment for revolutionary discoveries, particularly in just how mindlessly unaware we are still about certain troublesome issues between us. We come to discover that these problems actually originate from past generations, inherited blindly from our ancestors, and affect our behaviour so subliminally, yet so disruptively, to this very day.

A time of true, evolutionary breakthroughs by being able to cut through and to declare the expiry of some of these troublesome, inherited patterns.

[pic: Michal Macků]
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  1. Family constilations.. comes to mind, and my mood, furious at the interupteritis, around me when ever I become quiet, whether jewellry making or sitting.. I am also at the end of a truely ‘traumatic’ experience, enough to spontaniously trip, and see..

    anyway my emotions were indeedy a backlashing this morn, I came out of meditation in a rage. Moved everything in my way in the shared kitchen, without clearing it all and, I have no idea where I am heading.

    Except right now! to the Castle to make gorgeous things..


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