FULL MOON at 3°19′ CANCER, December 25, 2015, 11:11 UTC)

For this last Full Moon of the year we are treated to a rare feast-day ceremonial event, coinciding with religious and pagan holiday celebrations around the world, adding fuel to the building excitement that many already experience around this period. Whether one chooses to observe the ritual ceremony of Christmas or just take the opportunity to use the holiday to get together and celebrate in various ways with family, this is a time of year when the spirit of giving and receiving is at its most prevalent, and whether we do this willingly, obligingly or as a habit forced by social obligation, there is much frenzy and a sense of expectation that we wish to be remembered and reassured that we are dearly loved by those around us.

It is a rare occurrence for the Full Moon to occur on Christmas day (always in Cancer). The last one was in 1977, and the next not to occur again till 2034. But will we still be observing this age-old holy ritual in 19 years, by then, clearly well into the emotionally detached and dehumanised age of Aquarius? Or, with the rising discontent in the world, could this be our last chance to go through the motions of such a celebration.

Even the Pope (Francis) himself is calling Christmas a charade and fears that this may be our final Christmas when he says “The world has not understood the way of peace. The whole world is at war.” **

Full Moons are generally a time of culmination and heightened awareness around our most personal matters, at which time we may come to acknowledge our successes or to perhaps capitulate on those things that did not turn out so well for us. Yes, endings must occur, and just like new beginnings – they are a natural part of our cyclical order. Whether we achieved what we set out to do or came out feeling somehow disappointed in our personal endeavours, full moons are a time where, upon much reflection, we are faced with the realisation of where exterior affairs stand in contrast to what we need to be emotionally fulfilled, and at such times we are often pressed to make a decision about whether to keep investing or to just divest specific interests.


The flavour of this watery, sentiment-laden Cancer Full Moon is in direct opposition to the stern, earthy Capricorn Sun. Both signs are Cardinal, so there is a decisive nature for each to prompt an initiative and form a lead. Cancer is about all things dear and personal – those things to which we commonly develop an emotional attachment, hold closest to our hearts and make familiar – things that we adopt (or adopt us) into our world and become a regular part of the natural nourishment of our routine emotional lives. Our cherished home, our nurturing parents, our whimsical rituals and idiosyncratic habits, our comfort foods and beverages, those old, regular haunts – in general, things that bring us some serenity and freedom from the hardships of this world, and which (for sometimes inexplicable reasons) we find hard to let go.

It is often through our strong emotional need to create a deeply rooted connection to our personal past that we develop feelings of sentiment and attachment to particular people, places or things. They make us feel, good, secure, supported and cared for. They remind us that we are loved, and that we belong to a safe, insular environment that promises us solace from the seemingly unfeeling, often cold and harsh exterior world. We become partial, and the Cancer Moon only accentuates these feelings, since astrologically the moon is the domicile ruler of Cancer.

In short, this is the time of the month when we are most in touch with our feelings, becoming most absorbed by our habitual nature, our personal fancies, our treasured memories and most peculiar predilections.

So what is it that you are most precious about?

What do you hold closest to your heart, that you adhere to beyond logic and never question, just hold dear and protect with fierce loyalty?

Are you clinging on to some things purely out of sentiment because they make you feel all warm and fuzzy, never once questioning their effect upon your overall development?

Are these things working for you? Are they making you feel connected and secure?

Could you accept that some things may just simply be outdated and are working against your forward progress?

[pic: the boy, the bird, and the city by Mahmudul Alam Zisan]

With the opposing Capricorn Sun, we are faced with enormous confrontation to all these. Capricorn is all about the forward thinking principles of social, responsibility, justice and honour, and with an often harsh (sometimes merciless) judgement presses us to examine any personal whims and partial sensitivities. Through a face to face encounter with reason, we come to see what works for us and what we must set aside in deference to what makes more sense and pays respect and duty to our society and the bigger picture.

As harsh as it may seem, such times bear down upon us to come clean about whether our habits and customary ways, our mushy preferences and predilections are indeed something that we can practically hold in use to bolster our foundations towards an ever-upward journey of self-realisation. What works will indeed become the firm footing that will support our steady climb towards a more responsive, most practically viable structure for our developing selves.

Capricorn’s ruler, Saturn, is in the most philosophical and truth-seeking signs of Sagittarius, and we can see that matters of belief, religion and higher law are what is most sacred with this Sun/Moon opposition. We can be sure that there is seriously no escape from the pressure to see the truth in everything we do, much as we are attached to having it, and in this Full Moon squared tightly by Vesta, the asteroid goddess of devotion and commitment, this time may also spell an end to any sentimentally adhered-to religious or spiritual customs that have truly expired their meaningfulness in contemporary global terms.

The whole ‘holy’ gig may well be up if it has proven in the recent times that it does not support the virtues of what our ‘faith’ is truly based upon.

Such is the discord and disdain around any ‘traditions’ that fail to integrate the core meaning of their religious rituals & devotional practices into a world which, in a very real sense, has practically turned its back on the real problems festering everywhere upon this earth.

In the bigger picture, our common inconsistencies become crystal clear: that in oder to enjoy our customary ‘festive’ ways, we must often behave in almost complete ignorance to the principles that we purport to follow. The  growing wars, inequities and famines the we cause around us by creating an overall blindness to the blatant injustices and imbalances on the socio-political and ecological level, bring us gradually closer to a collective state of despair. All this rising grief, often brought about by our most infantile dependence to desperately feeding those precious ‘comforts’, trying to appease our insecurities without any true regard for how we are affecting our environment now start to haunt us like Dickens’ ‘ghost of Christmas past’.

This mushy Cancer Full Moon brings all of this to light by the Capricorn Sun, asking us to examine the true spirit of what this ‘festive’ occasion is really all about.

full moon chic
[art: Christian Schloe]

With the Grand Water Trine, formed to Neptune and asteroid Juno, we are now gracefully encouraged to align into a higher vision of a sacred, holy union to others through the virtues of demonstrating forgiveness, kindness and an unconditional acceptance to others in our lives needs. We must learn that to hold a higher, more inclusive personal space for others, and to avoid becoming so personally absorbed with our own selfishly incessant neediness.

True caring comes from a kind and loving, not a needy heart. The blessed Moon’s governance of all things personal and dear, now calls on us to open the circle of kindness to include all things we can identify as our kind, without creating boundaries and borders based on fear and insecurity. It is only in our acceptance that, above all, our true security can only come when we assist and support one another in this wonderful journey of co-creation and co-operation.

It is a time to reach out and embrace it all with a sense of objectivity, and see now how our kindness, compassion and forgiveness is instantly reciprocated when we generate an affection with particular attention towards creating a more refined and infinitely loving sense of ‘family’, ‘home’ and ‘tribe’.

Do you get the sense of this?

Anyway, enjoy it like it was your last ‘feelgood’ festive day… years ahead could feel meaner and leaner 🙁

Blessings to you all,

and have a joyous Full-Moon-mass

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**Pope Francis Calls Christmas ‘A Charade’: ‘The Whole World Is at War’

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