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Mercury in Capricorn (10 Dec – 2 Jan, then 8 Jan – 13 Feb)


The ambitious mind is the greatest architect and the most tormenting prison.
In what shapes up to be an epic build-up to the astrological year’s end, our winged messenger now enters Capricorn for an extensive stay (7 weeks in total, minus 6 days in Jan 2-8). In this period, Mercury also inaugurates the first of 4 successive retrograde (Rx) periods that will fall in Earth signs. Earth means business, so when you put this very practical, retrospective-minded series of retrogrades in the context with other key, earthy influences of 2016 (Jupiter in Virgo; squaring Saturn; Saturn squaring Neptune; Pluto in Capricorn), one can see  that our blessed messenger heralds a time to “come down to earth and take a good, long hard look” at what is going on here on this planet. Time to “get real” indeed…
Whatever getting “real” means, anyway…
This pass through Capricorn brings our speedy delivery god, the sacred ruler of the mind, intellect and mediation, out of the deep thinking Sagittarius – Mutable/Fire, and into stern, disciplined  Cardinal/Earth mode. The mind goes into a concentrated effort to come up with the big answers. You know – like when your computer goes into that slow, obligatory ‘cogitating’ mode, and that little wheel pops up on your screen, rotating, ever so slowly whilst you sit there earnestly waiting for the result… sometimes it takes ages. And you wait…. patiently…. and with determination… you go on waiting. Nothing else you can do. You wait, because you know that once you have endured this process you can expect to have the answer to even your most difficult question.

Or when you make a request to an authority figure, and they reply with “we’ll consider that”, or “your request has been duly noted”. That’s Mercury in Capricorn right there.

Whenever any serious consideration is needed, one that commands a sound, safe, no loopholes or catches process, where the results may seem final and incontrovertible – that’s ‘Mer-cap’. We’re talking about the most reliable, official, conservative, trustworthy, most conclusive source of information – the stuff that history books, record books, official press releases, valedictory speeches, tombstone engraved inscriptions… you get the picture – it’s serious, real, deliberated upon, messages that have complied by all the prescribed protocols and policies to produce a result that ultimately has to be accepted as the benchmark – Mercury in Capricorn.

Ok, sounds pretty good. Where’s the drawback?

Well Mercury in this sign does not allow much leeway for any unplanned shortcomings or liberal estimations. Nor does it like any deviations or abstractions from the conventional modes of thinking or methods of processing.

So yes, Mercury in Capricorn can seem a little regimented and cautious, frustrating to those who prefer to do things a little more spontaneously, or flair, or those who aim for a more inventive, unorthodox style in doing things. The Capricorn mind is a lot more socially conservative as it takes into consideration all the rules and regulations passed down from the old guard, and all the peril and the pitfalls of taking any shortcuts or  ‘unsafe’ steps towards providing a successful, business savvy solution. Ruled by Saturn, who is in Sagittarius at the moment, themes of discipline are centred around faith and religion.

It is because essentially it is an ambitious mind, and it aspires to demonstrate that one’s impeccability stands firmly upon the merit of one’s hard earned achievements alone. No pissy nonsense… please.

For the most part, this will be a transit whose emphasis will be upon communicating a structured idea, a practical solution to an ongoing social problem. Presenting ‘to do’ lists and prescribing strict, steadfast ‘Standard Operational Procedures’ on how things must be done. Many of us will have to snap fast into uniformly aligned dutiful thinking over the next few weeks, particularly when Mercury conjuncts the very pressing and forcibly persuasive Pluto in mid-Capricorn (December 19). If we refuse, the consequences may attract the critical scrutiny of other stern-minded souls.

On a greater social level we will see business and political figures trying to convey the hard and ambitious ideas on how things might operate from now on. However, with recalcitrant Uranus still in tight 90° to what appears as heavily draconian Pluto regulations, any ideas put across now may not be so pliantly accepted by those whose independent voice cries loudly for a more ‘radical’ way.

Mercury’s big grind here comes when it slows down to retrograde towards the end of the year, locking into a tight square with Mars in Libra who find everything coming out of Mercury’s mouth a little harsh, extreme and rather drastic and unfair…. this starts a ruse that does not end for days, until both planets ingress into fixed signs at the beginning of next year, locking horns on 5 January. By this stage, (Mercury now stationary) there is grave danger that sustained quarrelling, bitterness, obstinate name-calling, ignorantly prejudiced views, and angry vilification towards one another escalates into some high levels of irritability.

Mercury then goes into retrograde (Jan 5), retreating into the shadow of all this turmoil, and after a period of hatching a carefully contrived comeback plan (Mars now in vengeful Scorpio) slows to a station on the massive revolutionary URANUS/PLUTO square (exact Jan 25). Here, angered thoughts turn into flinging fits of verbal rage and the flames of war are eventually fanned.

Again, the message is to be ultra mindful of dark energies that are building now to engulf this plane, desperately enticing and seducing us to partake into some lower and maniacal thinking, often over petty discrepancies.

Advise to the hip-cool: Avoiding mental frustration and depression through these times will be the challenge. We will have extreme days. It is vital to practice physical exercise and yoga just to quell that cunning and ambitious mind from veering us into confining and limiting thought patterns, and to help to earth our thinking into accomplishing success through our own merit, economical wisdom, and by staying measured and reserved.

Sign/Rising Sign
Areas where you might like apply your mind in a planned, methodical approach to industriously reach success
Aries Career, public relations, authorities
Taurus Higher schooling, legal matters, business trips
Gemini psychological matters, intimate encounters, the financial affairs of others
Cancer contracts with others, business partners
Leo Work, mundane processes and analytical business
Virgo hobbies, love letters, thinking about love
Libra domestic responsibilities, setting standards around the home
Scorpio your mental processes, thought patterns, ideas
Sagittarius Finance, income and assets
Capricorn Yourself, your physical appearance, how you communicate yourself across in relationships
Aquarius Charities or non-profit causes, spirituality, past karma
Pisces Friends, co-operatives, social networks and hopes and plans for tomorrow

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  1. I feel like this Mercury retrograte in Cap is gonna be huge, more so than the much discussed and villain-fied Saturn-Neptune square. Or maybe because of this square, the framework of reality seems to be more malleable and fluid thanks to Neptune’s effect. Mercury conjoining Pluto and squaring Uranus 4 times! and stationing direct very close to Pluto, in Saturn ruled sign, Saturn associated with cause and effect principle but also with fear. I feel like thoughts and minds are gonna be first order of business, how appropriate for Cap, doing more with less, eliminating all the bullshit, propaganda and assumptions, harvest of the minds.

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