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2016 kicks off with an undertone of the residual effects of the parting URANUS/PLUTO SQUARE, a hard aspect from those outer Goliaths of change and transformation. Over the past 3 years there has been much conflict, jolting our global awakening to how much the interplay of power, amassed by individuals and institutions over generations and expressed as unyielding force of ‘responsibility’ and ‘social obligation’, can seriously oppress our individual plight for civil freedom and independence.

The underlying effect (and it’s always somewhat buried, or lurking in the shadows where Pluto is involved) has been that as a collective species we have become charged up and jacked off about those ‘agreements’, many of them made before we were born.  They have been written in our constitutions, our family dynasties, our marriage vows and business dealings, as well as the most powerful agreement of them all – the mighty dollar bill. We have silently discovered, mostly through our increasing disempowerment, our disgust and exasperation, that we are not going to wholeheartedly buy into those agreements any more.

Much has happened since 2012 to energise our nervous systems to almost automatically repel the powers of cultural coercion and to seek a path toward a more internally-sound guidance system – our intuition. We have learned to be strong, if not obstinate in our rejection to any undue social pressure and on both a domestic and a social level, have bravely sought to exercise our liberties in the face of often great pressure to continue with hereditary pressures and afflictions that force us to play along with any charade that seems only to serve the ruthless and the unscrupulous.

Yeah, that’s right… fuck them.

Fuck them? Surely there is a need to store collective power. Surely there is a need to suppress our intentions for the sake of protecting and supporting those ‘greater’ social developments.

Apparently not… during these times.

Power is usually harnessed for other people’s convenience and the convenience of various institutions like church, state and the corporation, tax collection schemes, whatever…it is not nice. Cultural power INSULTS, it disempowers…it uses and abuses. NONE of us are well treated by power. Yet we glorify the collective potential of the individual, the rights of the individual…but the power that we cower down to is really just a perversion. It creates fetishises for objects, it incites consumer mania, it presses us into futile forms of pseudo happiness, promises us salvation in the form of religions and cults…it forces us to diminish and dehumanise ourselves by becoming enslaved into a structure or to another individual like…machines.

In the last 3-4 years a much greater need to relinquish these shackling clutches and to make them wholly transparent has pervaded our planet. Through much attrition we will find ways of shedding light upon any dark force that strives to suppress, oppress and manipulate us without showing due cause. And so, we find the subtle forces that have been in place in order to keep us tied down to redundant agreements, imposed largely by our cultural inheritance, and proliferated now by institutions and corporations heavily dependent on keeping us addicted to unhealthy behaviours and to keep us stupid and doped-up begin to come to be accountable to the millions who are only just awakening to this reality.

The square aspect closes in again to compel us with one final, tight little rejoinder, becoming most intense through January (and early February) and triggered by the retrograding Mercury, which in the last 2 weeks of January comes to station within a degree of Pluto in Capricorn, forcing us again to be confronted with issues of control against an ever exploding mass of freedom-fighting individuals and splinter groups calling for more transparency against the instruments of oppression.

MUTABLE CROSSThis effect of the past few years lays down the foundation for the socio-economic conflicts that will become the main theme for the first half of this year. Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune all come together to make a very climactic MUTABLE GRAND CROSS around the Gemini New Moon in June 4-5, 2016. Much has to do with how we understand our relationships, to others, to those things we really value, those things we hold eloquently dear, more in our minds than in what they’re truly worth. It seems like external, social conditions are all at odds with allowing us to enjoy those things we really though were good for us.

Meantime, a much more benevolent energy pervades us all in January. Jupiter’s conjunction to the Virgo North Node is felt as early as the last week of December, when on New Year Eve the Virgo Moon creates an ominous conjunction, heralding what for many nations will be a most enlightening time.

This positive, very socially cohesive influence now draws humans closer towards one another with the distinct intent to achieve specific goals. The more sensitive among us will sense this as a clear, odic force which is seen to emanate around each soul, strongly identifying people of our tribal ilk. We form amicable agreements to get involved in positive, healing expeditions, clean up the mind/body/spirit imbalances and impurities that have filtered into our world, particularly via the toxic karmic residue of prior incarnations.

You know these folks. One way or another they strike you as benevolent past acquaintances that you connect with immediately, they resonate on your frequency, instantly familiar and so openly helpful that there is little need to for any formal introduction. You just click. It is easy to immediately spring into a collaborative mode together to work on and improve the situation at hand. Naturally, such associations benefit everyone, and through exhibiting a sense of good-fellowship, adaptability and team-work, we are rewarded with greater social recognition for our unique skills and talents. Ultimately any contacts made on this collegiate basis will open up a hive of great possibilities for growth in many new areas.

Blessings, and have an amazing new year x.

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