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Week Ahead: Nov 30 – Dec 7

saturn neptune square, astrology of depression, anxiety, sadness, venus in scorpio, moon in virgo, astrology readings, ang stoic, weekly astrology forcastIn a week that kicks off rather drudgingly after last week’s sobering bucket of ice (Wednesday’s GEMINI FULL MOON upon the first of three exact Saturn/Neptune squares.), we expect it might be tough to become motivated to roll on with our world again. Sure, many people may say that they have a reason to feel sad, lonely, tired, ill or physically run down, but if you ask them they will invariably tell you it’s because of something in their exterior reality.

How many people have you heard actually take the rap for all the stuff happening to them and stand up steady and do something about it? By now, anyone following these posts would understand that we become depressed or ill because for far too long we have been engaged in something that is kinda working against our best interests – not allowing us to grow and prosper into the truest symbol of our own authentic selves.

Yeah, we get a bit distracted or deluded with our fancies and our predilections, sure, and sometimes we become a little ‘partial’ beyond reason. So yeah, Saturn – law of ‘time’ and ‘karma’ and all that, comes along and like an open handed slap, that ricochets resoundingly off the nape of our neck to tell us smartly to “wake up you idiot there is something wrong here, time to get up and do something about it”. If you have become somehow delusionally ‘partial’, now is time to wake up to becoming ‘whole’ again.

The warning bells have rung around us, and though many will experience these in a very personal sense, seeing relationships around them start drag them down considerably, we also seeing, in our society, a great Disconnect between what we might like to see, our ideal universe, and what in fact is actually happening. We might just suspect that we’re being undermined, stepping out to perhaps discipline or correct the situation, only to realise there are forces acting well beyond our control, as if conspiring slowly to defray and to dissolve away our notions of what is true, or at least a reminder of how we wished it to be. In this last week we have seen things go their own separate ways. The awful truth sometimes can be a little too heavy for some to stand. Many have chosen to withdraw rather than to tackle things head on. In many ways this is the period of renunciation.

And so this week begins with the Sun conjunct Saturn and everyone is taking things quite seriously. Of course everyone seems to have their reason, but in truth, there may not be any reason at all. So let’s just remind each other to lighten up. When progress seems slow, spirits may dampen, and vice versa, but discipline creates strength, so these clouds have silver linings. Commitments made now will hang around for a long time, so decide carefully which road you choose to travel on now. With the Neptune square, the flurry of deceits and deceptions is hard to separate from honest mistakes and confusions, so when in doubt, it’s probably best not to follow up and try to find out. It’s pretty easy for everyone to get into a tangle over insubstantial misperceptions that waste time and energy, so let it lie and don’t make moves. Wherever possible you want to proceed only with a steady footing.

With Mercury Trine Uranus (Dec 1), original ideas find a home and progress is easy on all fronts for those who get in gear and make something of it. But Mercury’s Square Jupiter (Dec 4), the best-laid plans suddenly are through into chaos and mayhem, mostly because there’s a nest of non- working components that just keep on popping up. Basically, it’s a time for debugging new operations and sorting and discerning all the hype and bluster that we hear each day into some sort of workable order. A better time for sorting things out than for starting anew.

It is really that analytically discerning third-quarter Moon (DEC 3, 7:41 UTC) that marks the personal hotspot for us this week. Triggering the Saturn/Neptune square, this time by opposition to Neptune in Pisces, we see our flailing uncertainties and shifting realities marking a turning point in our personal outcomes, and all confidence quickly retreating in the face of hard-nosed, practical evidence that either supports or dispels our wildest Sagittarian ass-ertions.
Rambunctious horseplay whilst drawing long-bows is the wrong game to play with Virgo, who is inclined to pull out entirely by throwing the baby out with the bathwater.Watch her anxiously struggle to make any sense of those exorbitantly unrealistic claims being poorly presented to her by anything Pisces at this moment.

Venus enters Scorpio (Dec 5 – Jan 1), and the vehement pursuit for objects of desire goes into full swing for a few weeks. Expect the intensity to rise in all relations. With Scorpio, it’s always more about what goes on beneath the surface, behind closed doors, below the belt. The interpersonal atmosphere becomes all mean, moody and magnificent, cuts to the bone and it’s design is just to satiate or kill – no prisoners now. Unlike the testy Libra, this is not about taking nibbly little bites to get a taste – Scorpio wants the full enchilada and insists that it be covered with the hottest tamale sauce. So watchit… if you’re just fooling, or teasing, or coming in for a sampler, you may just get sucked into more than what you bargained for, and certainly, never come out quite the same way at the other end.

By end of the week Sun Sextile Mars (Dec 6), the world’s PR machine seems to be spinning the fat ones pretty tenuously, trying to assert that all the political cogs are turning nicely in their places to assuage us that things can still run smoothly. All this, in spite of the mounting tensions rising from all the underlying discontentment that lay underneath. But, after the midweek Mercury transits, if you’re still gullible enough to take all this as ‘comforting’ or ‘securing’, then be sure to get rudely torn out of your fetal position. As Mars also squares Pluto (opposing Uranus)we are forced us into a complex maze of sudden twists and turns, hopelessly far from home, where we could once rest on the complacently of dodging our responsibilities. The only sure way out now seems to make a break from what’s pressing you, and with MARS opposite URANUS you may feel like the only freedom you have left is to fight for (or run back) home.

But really? Where is ‘home’, after all?

REALITY CHECK: If things have gotten too far out of hand, you may have to  cut your losses by making a decision not to chase diminishing returns.

Look, it’s pretty simple…

If a relationship has to end it has to end. No use squelching or ducking or weaving from it… that won’t do. A reality ‘diagnosis’ needs to be made about why it is you are really feeling depressed at this time.. (**remember, next week is NEW MOON time = NEW START)


@ You need to make a real effort to be nice, just to make it through
@ You pretend you don’t notice those things that have been bothering you, even from the start
@ You have to lie to qualify
@ You have to lie to endure it
@ You have to lie to excuse yourself from it
@ You constantly need to tuck outside for a cigarette (or………<– insert poison) break
@ You go into an emotional withdrawal every time you feel misunderstood
@ You have to see the doctor for medication just to help with that creeping ‘depression’
@ You self-medicated ages ago and occasionally you up the dosage when it gets a little stressful, or you want to have a ‘good time’
@ You constantly need the television, stereo, smartphone handy
@ You connect only through the shared delight you get from discussing the suffering and misery of your poor neighbours (includes characters on the TV)
@ You spend way too much (more than you can afford) on ‘improvements’
@ You base the whole thing on a future that just never comes
@ You operate on a level of blame and shame
@ Sex is its only saving grace
@ It reminds you of your mother/father
@ Your entire premise for being is based on sentimental reasons
@ You’re afraid to leave because of everything you have invested in it (kids, retirement, reputation, ‘honour’…)
@ You love the pain it brings you

So yes, take this opportunity to come to earth, make a decision, make it stick with appropriate effort and stick to achieving the outcome that you desire. This is ultimately about achieving your ultimate happiness after all, as sad as you may feel, there comes times when you must cut loose that one thing that is clearly holding you back.

And have an amazing week.

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  1. Hi Ang, Love your posts. One of my friends is going for a reading with you and I can’t wait to hear how it goes. Regarding the ‘Current Planetary Positions’ posted above, far right. Very neat, allowing us to track the moon as it moves through the day. Do you know where I go to find the moon’s position for a particular date?

    ~ Rachael

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