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@VENUS enters LIBRA, conjunction to NORTH NODE (NOW)

@LIBRA MOON activation on the SUN/JUPITER – URANUS yod (NOW)

Some members of our tribe are ascending.

A sudden change of winds brings an unexpected shift, and in a flash a whole new understanding of the cosmic laws of creation and existence are being introduced into your understanding. Again a whole new way is replacing the old

Any physical resistance to this change is experienced in the physical body as it tries desperately to cling on to 3D consciousness. If you’re feeling jittery, insecure with no knowledge of where you stand, it is possible that you are not feeling grounded.

You are receiving another DNA upgrade. To many of you this process appears as something of a volatile nature, much discomfort being sensed, although necessary so your body restructure itself as a new modes of “transportation”. You might feel slightly off-balance and have difficulty navigating,

Just mind that you are simply in the midst of adjusting to new levels of vibration that becomes aligned within energetic particles that showered us all so generously only a few hours ago.

The awakening cells begin to expunge all untruths.

For a moment, the cellular memory is reactivated, and is replenished with insights that cause your cells to awaken, and to communicate with the rest of your body. This activation jolts your body to expel all the ‘untruths’ that you have learnt throughout your present incarnation and all the programming acquired in former incarnations, carried over in your DNA (as a human vessel).venus in libra, venus astrology, venus conjunct north node, new moon, moon in scoprio, mars in libra

Your soul is becoming energised with pure, unconditional love from higher dimensional realms, and beginning to demand change.

Everywhere, great changes are taking place within each soul as they are being filled with the spirit of love from the higher dimensions. Each soul is beginning to express their higher version of themselves and this is having a wondrous effect upon the whole planet. Humanity as a whole is making an evolutionary leap into a consciousness that will benefit the higher good of all.

Those souls courageous enough to stand up and speak their truth will become the pioneers to claim that which is rightfully theirs. Throughout the world, the oppressed are rising up and finding their voice. They are demanding change that includes the return of their sovereignty upon their lands and in their daily lives.

In the next few weeks they begin peacefully and through the current legal systems to assert their right to live in peace without threat of violence, abuse or exploitation.

[pic: Jimmy Nelson]

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