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SATURN squaring (1°A24′) Rx NEPTUNE (exact November 26)

On the lowest possible vibration of this lugubrious aspect, we start to sense how the 3D world of fear and oppression will slowly attempt to hinder and frustrate our beautiful dreams and ideals for unity with the source into a miserable ball of doubt, disillusionment and despair.

Fear can do that… if we buy into it, yes.

But is this all pervading doom really real? Or is it merely psychological?

Is fear only a figment of the residual taunts and superstitions of a dense, judgmental world, one whose mindset aims to cripple us into subscribing to its hard, inflexible structure? How can we repeatedly allow this harsh reality to dictate over our warm and gentle souls? How do we allow this horrid monster to senselessly crush our beautiful aspiration to ultimately experience a world in which compassion, cooperation, co-creation, kindness, respect and unconditional love can allow the abundance of manifestation to be our reward?


We start by acknowledging that all pain emanates from our attachment to judgements such as right and wrong, good and bad. In passing such judgements we enter into the proliferation of a world of lies, distrust, deceit, anger, upset, hurt, resentment and suffering. When we experience time as a linear plane, with a past, present and future, where the present is just the past in different clothing; when we see something ‘bad’ that happened yesterday and hope it doesn’t happen tomorrow, we begin to also limit ourselves into an excruciating, joyless universe.

If we buy into that paradigm, we are only participating (and hence encouraging) the perpetual stranglehold of this crippling dimension over our ability to experience joy.

Surely we are better than that.

Surely we are more evolved now.

Surely we must know that when we witness opposites like left/right, up/down, male/female, light/dark, without attaching judgements such as ‘better’ or ‘worse’ we also encourage a flexibility of mind that actually allows us to intercept linear time, and to transcend that fear-based 3D rigidity.12244361_756446944459471_1821520595559367923_o

During this time observe the first real challenge in whether we are still hanging onto fear-based delusions. Sacrifices must be made in order to truly manifest the world we wish to make. We need to become grounded in truth. It is a time to slow down, simplify, purge, dump, detoxify anything that is revealed to be poisonous or false…

Moving into the fifth dimensional realm will involve unlocking the higher intuitive functions of the brain. Due to fear these functions are currently blocked within collective humanity’s ‘lower’ densities. Only through operating from a conscious, meditative state can we reintegrate our physical bodies to the higher functions of our perfected consciousness and the benefit fully from the latest (last 24-48 hours) activation of the full range of our DNA (all 12 strands reconnected).

Time to transcend (NOT SUBSCRIBE TO) the lower world of terror and fear that daunts you today. Rise above this – one level above – by returning here into this moment. Avoid the temptation to cluster yourself with other dense, fear-based, depressed bodies. Avoid the use of slipping into lower forms of escapism (drugs, sex, booze). Return here, into your centre, and begin to ascend towards the true, healing gifts of clairvoyance, telepathic empathy and abstract intuition.

Let us pray for light,
And have an amazing week.


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