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Virgo ~ Virgo Rising Horoscope ~ The Quest for Passion

You are challenged to integrate a newly invigorated sexuality and sensuality in with the dedicated spiritual devotional needs of another – most likely a committed partner.

It’s not like you don’t get it, you really do. They have their own holy mission, sure… virgo astrology, virgo love life, virgo sex, virgo ascendant, virgo horoscope,
However, your feel so inflamed by the burning flames of your passions and desires (which in your case is quite phenomenal in its own rarity) that you find it hard to understand why what you fancy has to be so elusive now.

It’s a real turn for the records – that someone else is actually the obstacle to your steaming desires, citing their own spiritual purity (or some other lame excuse, like fatigue, depression or illness) as the big reason to hold out on you. You might have to accept this, for now.

Eventually, you guys might need to get a room and punk it out.

In the end, a compromise might seem necessary, most likely on your part. You’re running pretty hot, and they’re running mostly out the door.


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