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Venus/Mars – The quest towards your passion

The combination of Venus and Mars, and their associated midpoint is commonly known in astrology as the urge for love, or the ‘Passion Axis’. We are all capable of becoming passionate in some sense – it is our ability to express strong emotions about something, whilst still asserting our separate sense of self.

The mistake we often make is that we dive headfirst into affairs based on superficial needs, thinking they will be satisfying. This is not passion – this is just a form of losing oneself. Passion implies that you maintain your individual integrity whilst going after something you love.

With Venus conjunct Mars in Virgo, it is time we learned to question everything that surrounds us and accept nothing at face value. We make an effort to carefully look at how things are going to affect our purity and health, and within this, know and decide when to take the risk and pursue what we want without actually worrying about what others, or the ‘system’ is going to think of us. We take action based only on our own inner rules about what we value and desire and seek to attain our objective without compromising our integrity to our purity of heart.

Through being both discerning and unafraid to work for what you love, you define your passion.

Some guidelines:

1) If it ain’t working, dump it fast

If you find yourself in a situation (job, relationship) that is making you work hard but keeping you miserable, you’re probably staying there because you don’t have a clue what else to do.

Big mistake.

If it’s not making you happy, sticking around will NOT help you find a happier solution. You need to dump that crap fast and get out out of there. Creating a sense of urgency may be a bit uncomfortable at first, but being free then forces you to apply all your efforts into finding the next thing. Your search for the next thing then turns from optional to necessary.

2) Follow your instincts (listen to your heart)

Your instincts, guided by your natural curiosity, will become aroused by places, people, things to which you feel highly drawn. “Keep your eyes and ears open.” This is a matter of personal taste and choice, and will feel like a very pleasurable experience, mostly, only for you. Don’t ignore the pull to feel good about what you choose. Choosing what you love is not a matter for negotiation or agreement with others. Each to his own.

Ask yourself what you would do if you had all the money in the world. Then go after what attracts you as though there was nothing to lose.

Never stop listening to your heart. If you stop listening to that, your heart will eventually stop talking to you.

3) Never worry about what you’re getting out of it (money, sex, security)

If you’re going to pursue something you truly love, then you must avoid taking a miserable approach about what it’s worth to you purely on superficial terms. Fussing about how it going to pay off, or how much it will cost you, is only sure to limit your opportunities for total fulfillment.

Sure, choosing the safe and predictable option is going to bring you some immediate sense of security, but it will ultimately make your quest for contentment hard and unsatisfying work. Break that “whole live to work/work to live” attitude.

Make it more like “work to love/love to work”, you’ll see.

By following your intuition, you connect with your true motivation. Once you begin to express your core, authentic self, you soon find yourself doing something that you truly love and enjoy.

When you choose a job or a relationship that suits you so well that it fits on like an old pair of boots, then be sure that real rewards will soon follow.

4) Do not limit yourself with expectations

If your sights are aimed towards a mild, mediocre fare because you’re timed or lack confidence, because you’re trying to avoid rejection or disappointment, then chances are you are that you will too soon settle upon something that could quickly become less than amazing. Then you’ll become stuck there.

You don’t deserve that. Ever.

Set your limitations, and that’s all you will face, is limitations.

Low, or mediocre expectations, of both yourself or your situation, will only limit your potential. You don’t want your worried mind to leave you stuck with a second rate romance (that soon goes sour) or a job that leaves you stagnant in a middling role and wanting more.

Open up your heart and dare to not ever define the ceiling of your endeavour. The sky is always the limit when you are engaged in something you love.



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  1. Jorn Jakob Albert Boor

    I Am passionate to get this “thing” done. As soon as possible. I have build up some massive potent resistance. My expectation based on earlier experience should create a flood of expansion. the huge gap which maintained on it’s own resistant material from the old foundation. Will fall apart. And this will be turning into a blessing. To just be all we need . An antenna.vs channel of light particles. So I can sleep, to know the world is at peace. I will as well. Piece of cake!

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