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Scorpio/Scorpio Rising Horoscope ~ New Moon in Scorpio

Boom! – spotlight-ning on your dark ass.

Time to get a grip on yourself. Yes, yes, of course, you are the master of the universe, da-da, da-dum, da-doo, and what should happen unto others is really only thanks to you…

But really? Just have a look at how, in just a flicker of an eyelid, your whole mundane universe can change (just like that) and what you wanted – to be free to do the work you love to do – seems to reject you for the way you like to do things…


Ok, This is how it works: Angels, hovering over your shoulder have somehow conspired to release you from the usual restrictions and the awful obligations and demands of your daily routine, ushering you now towards exploring more innovative ways to express your style.

scorpioTake a tap on the shoulder. Become nudged to make this change… this great, evolutionary leap forward. Yes you are sometimes insufferably intense, and though you may mean well, you really do get stuck in the vacuum of your own, extreme sense of self-inflated, over-estimated power vortex. From time to time you need to take a deeper look at yourself and see just how that limits progress, both within yourself and in the way others prefer to work.

Changes must happen. Sometimes it’s about you. Don’t take it personally – it’s just good business…

Work on yourself. Love and accept that. Work from the the inside out. Look in the mirror and revise, review, redress and regenerate your entire sense of self and then… then go to work like a reformed ‘spirit warrior’, or whatever you want to call yourself.


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