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Scorpio ~ Scorpio Rising Horoscope ~ The Quest for Passion

Expressing yourself in groups is not really your forté since you are primarily a very intimate operator, but here is your chance now to play cool and friendly rather than creepy and intense in the socially progressive stakes.

Think you can manage cool and friendly-like?

Sure you like to stick your pointy prod right in there and get busy pulling strings, fast, but just remember: Friends don’t need manipulating. Just as you don’t like to feel manipulated by your friends either. Friends are generally just there to share stuff on a light and intellectual level.

But hey, who we kidding..?. of course you’re gonna want to fuck with them – you can’t help yourself (you need to fuck with everything else right?). You’re you. You play for real.

So, really, nothing is going to stop you from stepping the bounds of just how deeply you become a ‘part of the team’. Just make sure the team is comfortable with the level of intrusiveness that you tend to exude.

You are very passionate about all this right now, even if the call is for you is to stay a little detached and become much more devoted to expressing your more creative side these days.

After all, ever asked yourself why you only have a very few, albeit fiercely loyal friends?

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