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Sagittarius ~ Sagittarius Rising Horoscope ~ The Quest for Passion

You know something?

You know everything. And in the public arena, you are renowned to be one wise ass. Happy for you there. Well done.

Something you really do take rather fiercely from this point forward though is just how particular you are in choosing exactly where you’re heading, and if arrogance does not interfere with conceit here, then you just might have a very good idea about how to explain to the rest of us what on earth is going on.

Why are things about to change for many of us??

Humans are diverging, all going our ways, people are connecting to their respective tribes etc. etc. You stand passionately at the top of your selected soap box and somewhat try to define what your mob’s manifesto is all about (beliefs about what you are manifesting).

Luck has nothing to do with anything here. Passion is all about the blood, sweat and tears.

But you know that too, right?

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