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Pisces/Pisces Rising Horoscope ~ New Moon in Scorpio

How wicked is the god-damned truth??

Everyone’s a big fan these days. And well… posed eloquently and in just the right manner, it simply can simply create a magical effect in other people’s otherwise very mundane lives. And who better to pose and poise, and purposefullly pierce into the precious heart of truth itself, then to proceed to post it with such brilliantly poetic prose, just like the pied piper of posterity itself, than YOU right now?

It is god’s gift to be able to charmingly lead others out of some convoluted sense of self-delusion, and help to bring them urgently back to this wonderful reality that you (and only you) are seamlessly experiencing?

It IS the truth that you are speaking, right?

Like… you ARE the one who’s calling it for those poor deluded fools, who seem all caught up every day in their fancy pretensions and their affectations over some glamorized extension of their waking dream-like state (right?).

Good. Because it would be a shame to get all strangled and entangled by any untoward befuddlements and whateverisations about what’s real and what may simply just be fantasies and lies…

One way to know for sure whether you’re dealing with the pure light (or not)?? Check whether what you are postulating – however abstract and unorthodox your value system – is capable of earning you some concrete form of income. Observe this. Make it pay off for you (otherwise, seek a whole new approach, fast).

Place the highest value on honesty. Reap total rewards from everyone for the true magic you produce in their lives.

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