New Moon in Scorpio ~ Intention

Come, occupy this moment
return into this space
my deepest, wildest fervour
be focused in one place
If i may change the life i see
not meaning to complain
enough to feel the winter breeze
enjoy the summer rain
the beauty and the splendor
of this universe is ours
why can’t we come together
just to while away the hours
this prayer goes out to you, my world
I cherish you forever
i’m going to do the best I can
to aid in your endeavour
you’ll see me working day and night
i shan’t be left behind
and if i cannot change this world
at least i’ll change my mind
I’ll burn my candle at both ends
and work throughout the night
and should i fail to make amends
at least I’ll shine my light.

new moon scorpio

© All rights reserved, Ang Stoic 2015
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  1. Perfect !! Thank you !!

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