NEW MOON 19°00′ Scorpio – 11th November 2015 at 17:47 (UTC)

The void you may have been sensing in the prelude to this emotionally potent lunation is perhaps due to the dreadful suspicion that nothing/no-one out there could ever quite literally satiate your soul in quite the way that you may so desire.
Could that be possible?
Could it be that, physically, no amount of wealth or comfort; no amount of servitude and assistance from others; no amount of exterior validation; adoration; hugs and support from those around you could ever hope to appease this aching urge inside, none of that can fill the gaping void.
What are you yearning for, anyway?
Seems like this whole entire world is yearning for a deep, meaningful, spiritual, romantic love relationship. Something that truly matters.
This Scorpio New Moon is looking for some new source of emotional intensity and its sextile to dutifully optimistic Jupiter forms a rare ‘yod‘ formation to Uranus. In spite of any anguish and angst we may hold over what is about to transpire during this first (of three) very austere Saturn/Neptune square (Nov 27), something amazing and new, is set to surprize us all.
new moon scorpioOne can literally sense this happening. A blast of very focused electromagnetic energy from this special ‘FINGER OF GOD’ fills the stratosphere and a great gust of excitement and expectation for something miraculous… something evolutionary is set to strike upon us.

This stellar combination aims to transmute the way we have all been relating to one another. We are shifting more towards an electrical (yes) mode of communication in how we convey our emotions. We are edging ever closer into an empathetic telepathy.

Are we ready to let go and transcend out of the the cold, aggressive, self-preserving, angry, greedy, and paranoid ways of the bygone industrial age (eeech!)?

We are slowly transitioning out of this humanistic age of warmth, generosity, loyalty, love (romantic, platonic, and familial), joy, grief, humor, pride, competition, intellectual curiosity, and appreciation of art and music.

We are fast transforming into a less physically aggressive, less dense and rugged human being now. The new model human is a more relaxed, contemplative, gentle, flexible kind of person.

This powerful shift among humans has been occurring with each ‘download’ of the most intense spiritual experiences – all via our frequently repeated ability to experience the interception, or suspension of time.

Observe what happens every time you put your world on ‘pause’ to operate that smart phone (for instance).

It is the momentary awareness of slipping outside the construct of time, of becoming timeless, that is the source of sheer ecstasy reached in meditation, chanting, hypnosis, interpersonal energy transfers and psychedelic drug experiences.

In the most Scorpionic sense, we can achieve an all too brief sense of timelessness in sexual orgasm (precisely why it feels so fucking good). This ego-annihilating experience gives us a glimpse of what we are ultimately urging towards. Even drunks or stoners, in their crude, inadequate way, are searching for the timeless time. Alcoholism/drug-addiction is only an imperfect spiritual yearning.

A trine to this New Moon from Chiron in Pisces initiates us into a journey where purpose, mission and the context of everyone around us becomes revealed.

You suddenly become aroused that you may hold the magic key that delicately taps into the stream consciousness of those you deal with, able to glean unusually piercing insights on how to treat, and how to penetrate through the pain of those who hurt – be it from shame, or shyness – residual guilt left over from an emotional wounding that has become the scourge of their indolence and social evasiveness…

Like a maverick magician, you are able to intercept the energetic blockage that hinders others from discovering their own true purpose, and with one kind word, you cause a revolution within them.

We are developing a ‘light body’…. the evolutionary prelude to the ‘light brain’ – an operating system that gives us unlimited access to the most profound mystical states – ones in which normal mental activity seems suspended in light.

As in the fabled ‘christ consciousness’, only in true mystic illumination, as at the speed of light, time ceases to exist.

The transition, as marked here by this Scorpio New Moon, could be quite intense and violent, potentially quite painful to all those who wish to hang onto the things they can’t let go.

Strap yourselves in my darlings (about to hit the interstellar overdrive)
@ 24, 23, 22, 21……………

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  1. Thank you.
    Very interested reading of this ‘Christ Consciousness’ if you’d like too expand.

    I’ve done some research and come across information regarding ‘The Cosmic Christ’ not far into the past. You may like or already know of this. 🙂

    Happy New moon.. aha

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