Mars in Libra


Last time MARS was in LIBRA was between Dec 2013 and July 2014 (8 full months), thanks to that retrograde, 6 weeks before the infamous CARDINAL GRAND CROSS in April 2014.

That period saw a monumentally historic twist in the traditional application of masculine energy and, leading into the ‘gender revolutionary’ October ’14 Blood Moon, was the prelude for the great evolutionary transition from a ‘divine masculine’ to increasingly pronounced feminine forces beginning to descend and gradually overpower the planet.

Whilst this all may seem ‘nice’, the fiery planet’s placement in this cardinal air sign falls in detriment – mostly because as a direct force Mars does not work well when it has to stop and diplomatically consider ‘both sides’ of any argument before acting.

With damned vexation, Mars in Libra now develops a lazy tact for passive-aggressive action as he shifts emphasis mostly upon bridge-building, collaborative scheming and aMars in Libran urge for co-dependant associations rather than his usual zealous, loner, hostility. This is not what we expect from this ‘warrior’ archetype, who is generally relied upon to keep individual affairs separate and away from becoming too merged or collusive to those of others.

In fact, with Venus now also in Libra, the next 3-4 weeks could see a descent into indolent inactivity. A “peace, love and mung-beans” approach to things might be the prevailing order of the season. Until, of course, Mars forms a Cardinal T-Square against the last ever Uranus/Pluto near-square (for decades), just 12 days before Xmas, making spirits rise, and giving us all a nose-bleeding December to remember.

Q: Where will it affect us most?
A: Any liaisons with others (partners, lovers, marriage, politics, team activity)

Q: What to expect?
A: Initially lots of mergers, love-ins, agreements, butt-kissments and such, then towards Xmas, as the sugar rush wears off, the dependance on moodiness and good times suddenly becomes banal and obscene, and all the ‘frankness’ and ‘straight-talk’ (but no action) is met with the summary routing, and all the vicissitude of a bulldozer turning onto a bunch of feral hippy shitbags…


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