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Libra ~ Libra Rising Horoscope ~ The Quest for Passion

Ok… two ways this could go:
HIGHEST: The ultimate love. The full surrender into the most egoless engagement with an angelic creature who seems hardly real, yet divinely unreal in every exhilarating sense. Yes, you must wash away any pretension that this is, or ever could be, anything like any love you had before. And this, only as a testament to how, in your discernment not to become judgemental, you learn not to place any limiting expectations on what is truly opening you up to realms of bliss. How wonderful to see you elevate the very word ‘love’ into tLibra rising horoscope, libra sun signhe highest dimensional field, a place a soul could ever hope to dream of entering in this human incarnation.

Yes, cutting-edge stuff.

But you gotta leave your ego out of this (it’s not so easy).


LOWEST: Feeling the sneaking sensation that you may well be undermined by your own greatest enemy and dreaded fear that paralyses you at your core:


You inability to feel at peace because either you or (most likely, in this case) that ‘object’ of your passionate desires is plagued with an inability to make up their mind – given the lavish attention they are receiving, not just from ‘dedicated’ you, but someone else there (invisible to you) too…

You cannot claim to win this victory for total freedom (libré) in your pursuit of your true passion by clutching onto any any expectation of forming any conventional dependency. That’s an ego insecurity, and will only undermine your hopes if you try to form a definite tie. Let go of your ideals in this.

Release your strong reliance on creating a dependence (your usual M.O.) and accept that real love exists only in your ability to grant and receive true affection without distinction or expectation. May sound rich, but the rewards to this pursuit are truly infinite.

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