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Leo ~ Leo rising Horoscope ~ The Quest for Passion

Generosity is a many splendored quality but it can certainly be overdone, and what we’re seeing now is that even with a heart as bountiful and giving as an orchard in full season it is important that you learn to value yourself – your true worth.leo horoscope, leo love life, leo romance, leo ascendant

Kisses and adoration for your sheer wonderfulness are nice, but they are simply not enough to sustain you and you know that. You need to turn your passion into a gift that is not only valued by those who come to appreciate you, but something that makes you feel worthy and gives you the merit and esteem that you deserve. Something you can bank on.

We are living in a physical universe, and for all your creative spirit and free-willingness to share that, you must remember to make that work for you. It’s time to draw the line and (in true regal style) command your rightful royalties for what you produce. True worth must translate into a currency that you can actually use to generate a flow of movement through your work and in your esteemed career.

You know you’re special. Stop just giving that away.

Time to put a price on that and begin to honour what that means in real, tangible terms.

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