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Gemini ~ Gemini Rising Horoscope ~ The Quest for Passion

There are times where you own mind can be your worst enemy, and then, there are time when you can just make a truce with that mere mind and start to truly appreciate the value of pursuing your deepest inner urges.

Much is happening down in the basement of your world right now – call it a spring clean, call it a renovation of the most personal kind, but something is stirring that has to grow within to allow maximum joy and value to return into your world. You seek to align with a world which seeks to nourish you without the mental conflicts that seem to enter haplessly.gemini horoscope, gemini rising, gemini ascendant, gemini love life, gemini romance, gemini sex, gemini passion

In order to annihilate any conflicts that creep into your affairs, you start to seek something which tickles your most inner fancy. Something that resonates with your proximity to home, family, or most intimate sense of self. Ironically it may be something (or somebody) so foreign that you instantly adopt them as the most familiar thing you’d ever come to know. You know yourself more deeply by letting someone in to rummage through your private inner world.

In fact, it’s very likely that if you cannot connect on the most intimately personal level, just like they are a family member, you might wish to retire and simply mind your business all alone.

Why not?

One thing is certain though, you can’t force intimacy into your affairs. Inner peace is not a commodity that you can buy in the store – it is a byproduct of being completely open with another. Let your curiosity be your divining rod to how deep your love can go.
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