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Capricorn ~ Capricorn Rising Horoscope ~ The Quest for Passion

Lot’s has happened out there, and mostly because of you just knuckling into a work ethic that puts us all to shame. But that’s just it…

Shame is not a very good motivator to the rest of us, and people are becoming wise to that.

Most folks have other ideas about what they choose to motivate them, and by this stage you’ve either learned to become more compassionate with how you administer your brand of ‘reality’ on the rest of us, or things will actually get hard right back at you.

I’m sure you understand what others are trying to say to you. There’s a fine line between responsibility and just feeling obliged to act.

Your passion lies in doing what you believe makes you feel good.

Find that for others too and help make this a happier environment to live, love and work in.

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[art: Leszek Bujnowski]

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