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Cancer ~ Cancer Rising Horoscope ~ The Quest for Passion

You know something sexy?

It’s your mind what does it. Your own thoughts have the power to turn you on, you know? And whether it’s your ‘own’ ideas (no idea was ever really your own though, was it?) or the stimulating thoughts of someone in your brother/sister-hood, the truth is that you are now driven passionately by what you are led to think. Your mind is all stimulated with exciting thoughts, and that’s all you need right now.

Let your mental activity become the bridgeway to the sexy truth that lies out there in your greater universe.CANCER:CANCER RISING

Who was it that said that “your brain is the sexiest organ”? They knew what this is all about.

Anyway, it’s all happening in the ‘hood, so close to homey, it’s almost homo, and even if it is a little homo, that’s tonnes better than no-mo’ now (isn’t it?).

Absolutely vital is that there’s at least some motivation to just do something with your mind, and although your excitement to get busy with those sexy ideas may be met by a dull sense of indolence or religious piety (either by your own prudish beliefs or projected onto those prudes who dare to judge you).

Fuck them.
(in the nicest, purest, most pristinely virginal way possible – fuck them).

[Art: Natalie Fletcher ]


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