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Aquarius ~ Aquarius Rising Horoscope ~ The Quest for Passion

In much the same way as Scorpions find it hard to be cool and play friendly, you find it hard to get all intimate and steamy – or at least if you do feel it, you are certainly very stiff at expressing that (at times).

It’s more your analytical mind, cogitating and coagulating all those ‘feelings’ you may have for someone special into cool and careful calculations, before they get to reach your heart (or loins) and get you acting all crazy.

Not that you can’t get crazy… We’ve all seen you acting a bit batty (at times).

But the kind of crazy we are talking about comes from a psychological desire to intercept that awkwardly discerning mind and drop it momentarily into oblivion, become all tingly with desire and throw all caution to the wind, and simply lose yourself to blind abandon, doing stuff that you would ought to never do, simply because your tingling body is aroused by the mere impulse to intermingle energies with those of another…

The whole objective of this time is to become strangely possessed by wild and foreign sensations, and though you are not commonly given to unbridled displays of affection, something is loosening up and you are almost governed by the heat that builds inside your loins…

…that’s the passion.
(try some) let yourself get hot and steamy about someone…



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