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Many questions raised this week about SEX, MARRIAGE, RELIGION, FREEDOM and SHAME

Did ‘man’ just invent ‘marriage’ in order to define ‘love’?

Did ‘man’ also just invent ‘religion’ with aim to define ‘god’?

Why does our tendency to yearn for freedom in our significant relationships often create wounds that are difficult to process, both emotionally and ethically?

Wtf is going on with this, and why are the lines of distinction so limited, both within the affair and socially?

Does living together in a connubial (rumpy pumpy) sense have to mean that we are effectively with our ‘spouse’? Why does the nature of the relationship have to be defined (married/de-facto)? Who says it has to be exclusive?venus conjunct mars, jupiter opposition chiron, chiron incomnjunct uranus, juno opposition uranus

Is ‘marriage’ just a homophobic, misogynistic, oppressive, discriminatory, medieval, unnecessary love-jail that only serves to enable the power of patriarchy and religion and reinforces harmful traditional gender roles?

Is it necessary to define the nature of our relationship commitments in the interest of growth and healing?

Such is the complex conundrum that launches us into the next week and into this brand new month.


Ok, let’s just call this.

This is NOT going to be EAZY. In fact I will call it being in a chronic state of QUEAZY.

As Saturn finally closes in square to Neptune (Nov 27) let’s just accept one thing. That our world, as we remember it, will become enshrouded by a thick dark mist of “who could be fucked with this shit any more”…

A pervasive, suffocating sense of nihilistic apathy starts to descend now from a place of divine disdain with this 3-Dimensional Saturnian plane.

Let’s face the ultimate fact now: it has truly become sickening to have our beautiful sensitivities constantly being thwarted and maligned by this world’s limiting, harshly judgmental, desperately censoring, politically correct paradigm.saturn square neptune, saturn neptune aspects, saturn neptune astrology, depression, delusion, reality check, astrology aspects, ang stoic

We note that we will not stand another blow from this guilt-creating monster, whose whole gig has been to gag, to suffocate our senses by attempting to siphon our very life-force by taxing even the air we breathe because it knows, that in one short inhalation of pure clean air, we are capable intercepting the entire constructs of ‘time’ itself and come to this present moment.

Only by coming to the present can we see how ridiculous this all is. And many of us are filled with an unspeakable sadness about what we see happening in our world. It is not kind. It is not sustainable. And we have only been brought to a pathetic state of apathy and an aversion to the uncomfortable truth.

Yes ignorance is a good way out. If you can afford it.

This last week (Saturn ssq Uranus) has only accentuated the discord between those who see, and those that won’t. Those that try to pull the wool over our eyes. And the growing sense of irritation has made things very uncomfortable.

Effectively, on a deep spiritual level, some have drawn the final line in the sand. Anyone who has eyes connected to an inner awareness has sensed a clear separation this week. Images of a happy world begin to appear blur, like a billboard in the rear view mirror, frozen in a moment of the past, as our awareness begins to accelerate to a pace beyond comprehension.

Those who are wise to ‘this’ know something is up. Except that they may only be feeling more discombobulated, divinely disconnected from the ‘pack’ and becoming increasingly alienated.

The final brushstroke in what i have been calling “The Great Divergence of 2015” is about to take place. The glue holding this whole ‘structure’ thing together has begun to dissolve and we are fast feeling like there’s nothing holding together the agreements we make. Nothing but truth. And until we arrive to a place where there is only ultimate truth between us, we will feel like we are floating around in a swirling sea of instability.

The Full Moon in Taurus on Tuesday augurs an end to the sturdiness and earthy stability that we have sought in stocks, real estate, land and the mighty $$.

The transitional phase we are entering could be a bit depressing. It is pressing us to get out of our delusional relationship with this bullshit ‘reality’ and prepare to transcend into a higher dimensional field of existence by becoming truly grounded.

1. Come to this place
2. Make a decision
3. Follow through with action
4. Get a result

And have an amazing week….

………….Here is an article i wrote back in December 2014… it only begins to touch on this amazing process https://angstoic.com/…/averting-the-great-depression-the-sa…/


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  1. Jorn Jakob Albert Boor

    In tune! Completely released myself from all materialistic comfort. Needs and requirements. Will step into the final activity and turn myself in as a “one man revolution activist” to make sure everybody knows I am dead serious about righteousness and truth. Prepared to go all the way down to show my support for those who are highly affected by this outrageous attempt by the globalisation and national governments to suppress and choke us. This is the best plan I have come up with, In order to prevent the same damage and casualties lost through the use of force in Tunisia. Egypt. And Ukraine. Which is a good example to try a different approach. So I have rejected further payments to tax collections. Healthcare fees and charges like fines. Which where unjust because of practical reasons. And the hierarchical levels can’t be arsed about justice and righteousness. Surely I will not let my life be used for others to gain from. Leaving me and my loved ones stranded and blown to pieces. Over my dead body only!. So…. thats what happens when you screw around with a Cancerian/asc: Taurus in the year of the Sheep/Goat. Don’t push a good man up to the point he doesn’t give a flying Fck anymore 😉 I still care but don’t share our little secret 😉 Thank you Ang! What a ride. And it can only get better! High warm regards. Jorn Jakob Albert Boor. (I cant help it I was born the 30th of June 1979. And turning 36 in the year of the sheep. While this day held the sign up for Jupiter and Venus conjunction as the star of bethlehem… it took me 36 years to come to accept myself. But the fire couldn’t be put out apparently. So I better use it to the benefit of the whole. Which surprisingly fits my deepest soul desires. I you have any suggestions for improvements and how to be more effective. Than diving in to the rabbit hole? 😉 Have a great one Ang!

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