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Let’s talk a little physics.

The physical body is gradually becoming lighter. Some people feel it more than others, but we are all in the process of physical en-lightenment. This ranges from a global, planetary level to the most minutest, cellular level.

As the next month transpires we will begin to see a clearly defined split between the heavy dense, negative energies and those whose vibration are resonating at a much higher frequency. Both of these (low/high) vibrations will go into harsh discord with one another as every living being on the planet becomes engulfed by these conflicting energies.

Humans may begin to witness incredible changes in their physical world. e.g. the choice of a much lighter diet, moving to more liquid-based choices (away from meat, sugar, dairy etc), refined exercise (yoga etc), integration of daily meditation, more sporadic rest/sleep routines, and cutting cords with relationships that no longer serve our highest good.

This, of course, has fostered our communion to our higher self, the growth in forming a clear channel to that pure intelligence that lies within us – our intuition.

Let’s then talk a little about meta-physics (in contrast to the physics).

The spirit itself is neutral. It makes no physical distinction. Imagine our spirit as a column of pure light that resides within us, not particularly attached to our physical world, not definable by our gender, skin colour, cultural or religious views, creed, social status and certainly not at all partial to any of our personal preferences or proclivities.

Our spiritual intent is always pure and geared to guide us towards the highest possible good every time. It divinely seeks to re-mind us that whilst we appear as a small and seemingly insignificant individual body, with individual survival needs, that ultimately we are connected to a greater collective consciousness – the universal spirit.

Whilst many of us are still heavily attached to our physical world, we make little communion with our spirit. We are prone to be heavily attached to the dictates and dependencies of the lower-dimensional plane of separation and fear in order to navigate through our insecurities and woes. In this, we often become crippled or burdened by our morbid attachment to this world’s densely physical external structures to secure our survival.

We trust our exterior relationships much more than we have faith in relating to our interior.

It’s odd really.

In the next month the contrast between those governed by the exterior density and those guided by their internal light will become strikingly obvious to many of us.

As some of us begin to connect to our lighter, most delicate core intelligence, we will observe the many others who still refuse to let go of the density and darkness of suspicion, cruelty and jealousy. We may see these as completely possessed and enslaved by their strong fear-based physical dependencies and insecurities. We will witness people becoming increasingly tormented by the threat of separation, isolation and despair. Those who focus strong identification upon gender, creed, status, material wealth and other physical constraints (alone) will become the chief components and unwitting instruments of great conflict, turmoil, even war.

Perhaps the greatest personal conflict we will face is the internal struggle that occurs within ourselves. We may begin to stress about what is real and true and what is simply made of madness and delusion in our own world. Those around us will challenge our beliefs in both of these.

It is a time when choices must eventually be made. The decision whether to stay in unhealthy relationships (marriage, career, family, friendships, material or ideological investment etc) that are not allowing us to honour our true spiritual intent will be pressed, re-pressed and de-pressed until we make a move. Something has to give.

The main objective through this next few weeks will become striking a balance between our heart’s calling and remaining physically grounded. Both aspects need to be respected to survive. This may not be an easy task, and therefore not the most enjoyable time if we lose sight of that balance.

You do not need to engage into any wars in order to assert your own separation and attachment with this world. 

Nor do you need to rail against this world just to maintain your integrity. Nobody is to blame for your fear and insecurity. You may only blame yourself and your attachments there.

Can you let those go? Or have you invested everything you believe in just to hold something (which really, after all, is never truly yours).

The only thing you own, ever, is your wonderful spirit. Nobody could ever threaten to take or break that.

Just allow your pure intelligence now to attune you to the love and acceptance not only for yourself but for all. This may sound fancy and really like a new-age (love & light) platitude, but in truth we are all intrinsically part of a great Oneness. A universe.

Start with your beautiful self. If necessary, take that aside and love that, dearly (warts and all).

Only then can you truly open yourself to others without any serious hang-ups over your physical separateness and distinctions. Finding the truth behind what is real and what is simply based on assumptions is going to take a healthy balance between trusting your intuition and remaining somewhat grounded.

Can you do this?……

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