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Sun on Venus/Node midpoint

 Sun on Venus/Node midpoint

This is about a sense of value.
Of being valued and of valuing others.

Lack of appreciation and affection leads to feelivenus node astrology, venus south node, venus north node, venus astrology, astrology readings, ang stoicngs of being ignored, and this essentially removes us from the cosmic streams of love and acceptance.

So it is with much strength and divine consciousness that we must fight the lower forces lurking now in the astral plane, those entities wishing to attach themselves to our weaknesses and vulnerabilities of feeling cut off to the wonders of earthly kindness, affection and protection.

Accept gratitude and it will surely come. By opening your soul to an association based on appreciation, art & beauty, and the true admiration of a man (Sun) you allow the currency of love to flow through and reconnect you to the most natural stream of human interconnectedness that ever has existed.

Today. Open your heart and Be thankful.


Originally Published ~ 16/05/2015

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