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Sun on the Pluto Saturn Midpoint

Sun on the Pluto Saturn Midpoint

Underneath our feet hums a low, ominous, sub-sonic vibration that affects us all very dramatically. It dictates, no matter what we do to secure our permanence on this earth, that change – BIG change is inevitable.

What is this force?

It is the Hadean force of power and control. For the past two months it has been grinding underfoot, slowly seizing full control.

This weekend things come to a head.

Pluto continues to form a semi-square with Saturn, while by Friday/Saturday the fading solar-powers of the Leo Sun will cross this very harsh and immensely stressful point. The great tension, stress and overwhelming pressure is enough to wear even the toughest of the most heroic gunslingers into to ground, as we come head to head with our ‘responsibilities‘ in the face of what we all want to believe about who is in control, who has the power, and who just simply has not got the slightest clue about what the crivvens in going on in their zombie-powered remote control existence.

It time to concede.
We are under the clutches of a big, powerful, secret computer…

We are at the risk of being led under. How easily will you go?


Originally Published ~ 21/08/2015

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