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Sun in Leo (29 degrees)

sun101Sun in Leo (29 degrees)

At the anaretic point, that last, most critical degree of the Sun’s journey through the most important sign (Sun rules Leo), there is a nuclear explosion ready to occur.

The Sun’s quest not only to shine out powerfully from within, but to radiate with such a splendid glow that his creative flare becomes reflected in everything he inspires is now at its most potent.

His recent square to Saturn, in mutual grips with Pluto, has tried everything to test, tarnish even chastise his amazing glow of authenticity. But one thing triumphs with the Sun…

His shine is golden, and his integrity is indestructible.

If the Sun tells us one thing, it is this:
Whatever happens, always believe in your soul. Always find a way to shine in your own right.
[who is the Sun in your world? Is it you?]


Originally Published ~ 23/08/2015

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