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Sun inconjunct Saturn

Sun inconjunct Saturn

Hey, how’s this?
Noticing that heavy-metal, lead-lining in your baggage was only there to shield the perspicacious X-ray vision of those pesky, prying, customs-official typsun inconjunct saturn, sun saturn aspects, saun satuen astrology, astrology aspects, ang stoices makes you realise something odd.
1) What do you really have to hide in those bags that you are not now ready to just share with the whole wide world anyways?
2) Do you even need to carry baggage on this journey after all??

Losing the dead weight means so much – you can dance, and prance and rise high above and past all those silly old customs after all. It’s hard to be held to any account when you travel ultra-light, right?

Your choice – anything to declare?

See the light – be the light – trip the light fantastic
(and do cartwheels across the floor)


Originally Published ~ 21/06/2015

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