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New Moon at 19°20′ Libra, October 13, 2015, 00:06 UTC – What Time Is Love?

photo series: Cuneyt Akeroglu
photo series: Cuneyt Akeroglu

This Libra New Moon comes just in time to usher in a renewed burst of idealism for each of us.

Yes, that’s right. Idealism for you, and idealism for me. Everyone gets a piece. Or is that peace? Or is it really anything at all, other than just a fancy idea?

Anyway, Libra, being the Cardinal Air sign, operates from the cool and intellectual dominion of thoughts and ideas, urging each of us to aspire to attain a state of perfected harmony and balance in our exterior world. Or, at least as close as we can manifest that ideal, as conceived in our minds. Of course, being an air sign, and prone to lots of scheming and projecting, Libra’s ideals often require the engagement of effort from others to  make it to the exterior. Which makes Libra, quite dependent on the other in order to exist.

This sign is naturally adept at attracting the appropriate subject to collude and to participate in their brilliant objective, usually by making the other feel as though they have the rightful place to take full and equal part in whatever they fancy. Libra is masterful at making the other feel exceptionally special, useful, right. By focusing on another’s area of strength, we easily draw the best out of them, engaging them into a symbiotic state of perceived well-being and happiness So it is that Librans are familiar with the power of attraction. The power of manifestation.

The only catch is that we must depend on another to make our ideals come true.

This pursuit of happiness, this supreme state of perfection in our lives, is the highly sought after prize of the Libra New Moon. However, with a full-scale opposition from that self-obsessed renegade, the retrograde Uranus in Aries, what are the chances of achieving success in this pursuit for peace and harmony. Uranus is a recalcitrant force that does not cede well to collaborations and long-term agreements. In fact, he is the antithesis to all this. Uranus is in many ways rebellious and in Aries he is aggressively so.

Usually, through our ability to create significant relations with others, we are not only capable of addressing and mediating through any problems that are troubling us, but we are also ultimately aiming to accomplish an idealised state of lasting peace and tranquility.


Yet these are different times altogether.

The New Moon’s opposition to Uranus (0°S52′) becomes a forcible reminder that whilst we seek peace, we have burst into a whole new level of challenge within our relationships – one that is acutely challenged by a more spiritually evolved struggle for the individual’s freedom to express autonomy in all of his affairs. This creates a challenge for pacifist Libra who relies heavily on active the participation of a willing proponent. Sometimes those proponents aren’t so willing to be tied up to any agreement.

And so, whilst the Libran New Moon urges us to find an amicable solution to our troubled relationships, they are mainly troubled because we are so dependent on them. We are faced with trying to achieve our ideals in an environment which is increasingly posing obstinate opposition to dependencies and confining agreements.

It seems the only way we can relate successfully, for a sustained period is to  detach ourselves from the clutches of tradition, interdependency and toxic past agreements which bind us into long-term engagements that are ultimately limiting to our freedom to reinvent ourselves.

Ultimately, we all want to experience and to share the lighter, brighter promises of the glorious new future. Now that is a very attractive notion. Something the whole entire tribe can enjoy forever. But really? Is that really possible with everyone buzzing around like highly-charged particles, insisting on preserving their autonomy?

And besides, what good are ideals about the future if they are going to compromise the liberties and individual rights of those here in the present? Looking around, there still seems to be a lot of inequalities and inequities about. Or perhaps that’s necessary. Let’s face it, without inequities, who would ever do those menial, repetitive, lower paid tasks that are necessary to achieve our goals?

Libra is all about fairness, but only so long as things benefit both sides.

In a way, there is a strange, self-perpetuating interest to keep others just a little dependent in order to feel that we are necessary to their survival.

This is essentially what partnership is all about. We create a symbiotic relationship for the sake of having something to work with. Something that makes us feel good when we do something good for it.

Yet from time to time we slip into complacency and use the lowest, laziest ways to keep the relationship going. And we get stuck.

Uranus is a force. The revolutionary who wants to break from any ties with the past and bring us face to face with the present moment.

The only true love affair we can engage in is actually in our romance with the now. Not necessarily in the resources of the other.

Uranus produces a stark insight into how, when we break connection from the attachments and sentiments of the past – those things that trigger our internal security systems, we have the privilege to jog things up to an idealised appreciation of what truly stands before us. We are forced to come to this present moment, instantly.  For those who are still caught up in the toxic clutches of sentimentality, custom and the cult of ‘tradition’, this period may come more as a shock than a blessing. Uranus has little or no regard for your cherished ‘feelings’ for security and predictability. The electrifying energies of this planet may challenge any whimsical notions of dragging your old ways into any new affairs at this time. If any pursued ideals are to succeed, they must be with a conscious, present and immediate resolve to make an outright abandonment of these destructive, co-dependant ways.

This might be difficult for many to even understand, let alone accept, since many of us are accustomed to have things nurture and support us in those familiar, domesticated ways. But as we can see. The crises keep on occuring when we choose to ignore the problems. The problems keep on coming if we do not learn from the lessons. The lessons keep a-coming if we ignore the signs. And the signs..? The signs are there… they are omnipresent. and they are becoming louder and clearer…

Wake up. Let go of your dependencies.. create a space for something wonderful, something new and exciting. And when it comes, do not assume that it is yours, or you have any hope of holding on to that either.

A healthy reminder to those who continue to drag up the pain and injury of past wounds into any new affair: With Chiron inconjunct (1°S27′) this New Moon, any creeping inferences from unresolved past suffering may undermine or subtly weaken the progress of any possible new love. Things are finely attuned to test our capacity to have shown forgiveness towards all those things that hurt us in the past – to not allow them to become a burden upon the lightness of all that is presented to us in this present time. Of course, much healing has occurred in the prelude to this event, and we have learned so much about dropping our ‘baggage’. Identification with our pain is not an attractive quality during this period.

New Moon in Libra at the 'Kite' point of this 'Thor's Hammer' with Venus/Saturn/Uranus in tight 8th harmonic lock. Immense tension in all relations
New Moon in Libra at the ‘Kite’ point of this ‘Thor’s Hammer’ with Venus/Saturn/Uranus in tight 8th harmonic lock. Immense tension in all relations

Of course, as Saturn approaches his sesquiquadrate to Uranus (1°A21′) later this month (October 22nd) tensions rise on the global scale. The attrition of irritation and angst between the third-dimensional world of structure and order and the fourth-dimensional world of disruption to anything formal and linear will break out into all kinds of social agitation between two sides who are not easy bedfellows. You will see this on the global arena as the battle between security and freedom take on titanic proportions between tribes. On a personal level, with Venus enmeshed into this New Moon dynamic by semi-square (0°S43′) you must make a choice between freedom and security in your very own value system.

The whole combination forms into an excruciatingly tense 8th harmonic syndrome – a ‘Thor’s Hammer’ with the Libra New Moon as the ‘Kite’ head, taking the focus on what will be the major turning point in our great division on this earth. Two great tribes start to polarise, and evidently diverge between liberty and interdependence –  freedom vs security, as both sides hold intensely strong ideals for what they envision for their future. Of course, the future really cannot exist unless we wake up and embrace the now.

This precious moment is the measuring cup for any element of projection into what our future holds. Our awareness of ourselves in the present holds the basic ingredient of how we will bring the peace, balance and understanding the this New Moon wants to bless us with. And let’s face it. This is all about us wanting to experience love. Yet, to really experience love, we must enter with complete integration of what love actually means.

What is love?

LOVE is that intangible force that forms a bond between two entities, and it feels incredibly amazing.

What is necessary to experience love?

1. A complete appreciation for the self (without hang-ups about our flaws)

Any elements of yourself that you find are a source of discomfort are easily going to become triggers for you to react with blame, shame and abuse later. If you have not accepted yourself completely, in any moment of un-mindfulness you may react by withholding your affection and retracting into your insecurities.

Becoming triggered by pain means you may react with fear, hurt and anger, not love. Accepting all of yourself, even your weaknesses creates a space for others to accept you and to share that love.

2. A willingness to be honest, open and exposed to another

Love is not always about being seen to be strong, capable and exceptional to others. We all have our moments where we are scared, neurotic and weak. It is not realistic to live up to our ideals all the time. At some point natural to remove that veneer of infallibility and to just let it all show.

Those who will still adore you, in spite of your shortcomings and weaknesses, are ones who are truthfully there to love you. Do not be afraid to let all the colours of your rainbow show.

Love must be experienced as an utmost TRUST that the bonds you make are true and of good intention, a RESPECT that the bond you make is worthy, and a willingness to DEMONSTRATE AFFECTION  for that bond through your actions.

Learning to ACCEPT YOURSELF fully, as you are (warts and all), and to allow yourself to being accepted by remaining OPEN, HONEST and EXPOSED, is going to be the real test here.

Allow yourself to love, and to be loved – by the power vested in this Libra New Moon.

And have an amazing week!

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