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Mars in Virgo square Saturn

Mars in Virgo square Saturn

You had romance all in the palm of your sweet hand,
it took you by surprise and swirled you ’round in its command
it made your head all light and positively dizzy
sent your heart into great explosions, spirits fizzy
and then, for just a moment, your mind flinched and went all busy…
and fear set in
and doubt took over
and you retracted into dutiful recoil
and fear and panic sprung a leap to make a spoil
– the one true chance you had to celebrate some full, all-rounded passion
was summarily ended in a cold and heartless fashion,
MARS in VIRGO square SATURN (after the recent VENUS trine URANUS)and now i’
m here to tell you only this, my dear
that if you’re stuck here, it should only be quite clear
the only thing that may have done you any damage
is your own clinging, blind adherence to your baggage…


…maybe the next train

Originally Published ~ 26/09/2015

                                                                                                          © All rights reserved, Ang Stoic

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