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Mars in Virgo square Saturn

MARS in VIRGO square SATURN (after the recent VENUS trine URANUS)

Yeah, you…

Don’t act so frustrated. There’s obviously ‘something stupid’ that you’re doing to fuck this over, time and time again.

You know it’s you. You know it’s YOUR baggage, so don’t get all defensive with it now. You need to OWN that shit because until you do you will never be able to unload that.

And sure, it may be “in your DNA”, or “in your family tradition”, or in “in your cultural heritage” to act in such willfully toxic ways, but can’t you see the pain it keeps on bringing into your living reality?

Wake up now – face the truth.MARS in VIRGO square SATURN (after the recent VENUS trine URANUS) part II.
Have a look behind you.
It’s YOUR baggage.
Deal with it.

[can’t take it with you on this journey]

PS you actually ARE capable of affecting your “culture”, your “family tradition”, even your precious “DNA” – I have seen it and continue to see it in my work every day, so don’t give me your bullshit denial – i will flick you.

There is no time left (or right).
Centre now.



Originally Published ~ 27/09/2015

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