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Full Moon at 3°44′ Taurus – 27th October 2015, 12:05 UTC

The Moon is full once again. Another blessed opportunity to face up to what it is we must face, with view to either reap the rewards, or to cut back our losses and end it here.

It is a time of culmination and a time of capitulation, and for the most significant affair right now, it may just mean a time of endings.

It is a Taurus Moon, so in a way, it is a time to determine whether pertinent matters have attained the level of grounded sturdiness that we seek from them or whether they must undergo a change. Taurus is typically looking for a simple, dumb-assed approach – not too complicated, rather predictable, physically comfortable, pleasurable, preferably conventional and conservatively mild.

Did you achieve this somehow? Check out which natal house/planets contains 3°44′ Taurus – this should indicate which area in your life has been calling for stability and abundant emotional support. Did you succeed in achieving this stability, particularly following any intentions set around the Taurus New Moon of May 18th this year? If so, are the proceeds of your endeavours back then paying off now?

Or maybe you took it so easy that you refused to challenge yourself. Instead you just sat on your sticks, expecting life would keep on giving to you (and it clearly is not). And now you’re in a place where things may just look very dire.

Either way, it is time to get a bit of perspective on the matter.

Some things have to change.

An exact inconjunct to Saturn here suggests that we have may have been either too fearful or too hesitant to harvest the full benefits of the current endeavour – possibly because our conservativeness, or stubbornness to budge when we had our chance has only hampered us from taking a true leap of faith in the desired direction.  This is going to have to change now. Things have come to an uncomfortable place. We need to assuage any fears or worries. Something has to give if we are to proceed. Things can not stay the same.

The sextile to Neptune suggests that we are indeed ready to escape any hindrances or conditional hang-ups and move into a higher realm. What does this mean? It means that we are quite capable of transcending the world where satisfaction is based purely on meeting physical conditions. In fact, where Neptune is concerned, we are asked to go beyond what meets the eye and make divine sacrifices. We are asked to let go of physical needs and pleasures and to establish a more indefinable level of connectedness –  a connection to a infinite source – the collective Oneness where all of nature draws its inspiration to exist. Perhaps it is through our exquisite sensitivity to the Divine Source that we will truly come to experience the most highest possible order of abundance that awaits for us. In fact, it is most likely that the very limited, selected, physical attachments that we have come to rely on for our stability that are possibly weighing us down from truly manifesting our dreams. Only when we overcome any fears of loss or trepidations about surrendering our meagre limited possessions and seek towards a more cooperative sense of ownership can we hope of reaching and holding true attainment of the abundance.

If the above paragraph sounds like abstract shit to you, then we might have a problem.

Maybe read it again.

Basically, your ‘conditional’ requirements are fucking ruining it for you. They could never satisfy you on their own. Regardless of how perfectly everything aligns for you, there would still be a little anxiety.
Yeah, that’s right – your ‘conditional needs’ are only making you more nervous and unstable because the universe is screaming for you to share her goodies with gracious levels of compassion and empathy and kindness in your heart. And you? what do you do? You just get fussy, and you want things all to yourself, and you want them to last and you insist on locking them away, not necessarily for a later date, but because you just want them and you believe they’re yours, regardless of the fact that they are in excess to what you and your entire family might consume in this lifetime.
Those things are ‘yours’. Exclusively. And you don’t want anyone else to have them. Those goodies is ‘Y.O.U.R.S’. Those belong to you because you ‘worked’ for that shit.
Well, actually you mostly worked at building and maintaining the fences to keep those goodies safe, away from others. Those goodies actually already existed. You just managed to garner those from the earth through a special collecting process you call ‘work’, and then create a structure, a fancy system of currency – a prescribed agreement to secure your ‘purchases’. This agreement, such as a paid invoice, or a deed of title, or a printed dollar bill which basically says that you are proud owner of that something. You get to be inside the fence. Something you ‘worked hard’ to have.
This…. this (unfortunately) is your delusion. The mere idea that you ‘own’ anything, and the idea about what ‘work’ you applied to earn this. Or that you belong inside a fence.
All of this idea belongs to a 3D structure, and, as we know, this structure is heavily dependent upon strict, tightly controlled, boundaries of distinction Borders that we cross under tight scrutiny based on our ethnicity – national borders – where the exchange rate for your ‘goodies’ and the rate of remuneration for your ‘work, or ‘services’ actually alters the moment you traverse a physical zone. In some parts of the planet, goods (such as land or cigars) are cheap. In some parts, people work all day for just a couple of peanuts to survive. (true story)
Anyway… this story could get complex, so I’ll stop here.
It could get especially complex if we removed all barriers altogether. Say… if we dissolved all national boundaries. Dismantled state precincts. Removed city walls, privacy fences. That could get really messy. Imagine yeah? Imagine too that the value of the work that those little brown or yellow people over there did was worth the same as the work you did. Would that be right? No… that would be unfair wouldn’t it?
But imagine if all those boundaries did not exist, and those illegal aliens were not so illegal. Imagine that they could just come and go into ‘your’ land as they pleased?
(why can’t they again?) Oh yeah, that’s right. We have tight border control to keep those immigrants out. Because those guys weren’t borne on our side of the fence. The would never understand the value of what we do, how hard we work for our stuff and why we need to be payed a LOT of money for our time. Better keep that lot OUT.
Oh yeah, that seems pretty fair. Because this land is ‘our’ land. We earned it because firstly we were lucky to be born in this land. Imagine if we was born over here and not over there (phew!). And lucky too that we was born whiter. And even luckier to be born more male than female… being a chick could really suck, right? Unless you were a hot chick that got a chance to marry a hot white man (whose daddy also happened to own several small villages with lots of little brown folks working in them).
Meh.. luck of the draw! So over-rated, right?
Yet, One does not need to be a great physicist or philosopher to see that this attitude is almost entirely unsustainable. In fact, how do you feel when you try to explain all this to your brilliant young children? What’s that? You don’t? Oh, you keep your explanations as abstract and full of the same fairy tales as was explained to you…?
Erm… good luck in trying to trade on that value system…

Ok, let me cut to the chase here. Unless you are just willingly give up all of these bullshit pretensions (all of them), and focus on developing a true faith in you own self-worth – create your own personal currency, without clutching to the exterior to give you an ‘exchange rate’ for your worth all the time, then your anxieties will not only get worse, they will increase, until your entire world eventually crumbles.

Yeah right…

Bucket please… [need to barf at all the new age conspiracy theories?].

Ok, ok… that’s not going to happen….

….well, not wilfully anyway. If that happens it certainly won’t be your fault, because you worked hard. You might have had some fears, but you overcame those when you acquired a house, car, boat, nice holidays and a bang-up retirement plan.

This is the issue today. We know some fears can be overcome by further investment into the exterior, yet some solid insecurities are really hindering us from total acceptance of our true , intrinsic self-worth. And here, we know, we are not alone. Everyone is pretty scared. We are ALL still basing too much  emphasis on the physical world – our comforts, material wealth, money, old ways of doing things etc., when all we need to do is look beyond and see that our insistent hang on to our precious things is taking so much effort, so much energy and so much of our day that we are not only incapable of fully enjoy this world (none of us, fully), but further to this point, our bullish insistence on placing such value on these material rewards is possibly hindering us from experiencing a much more spiritually satisfying relationship towards one another.



With Saturn squaring Neptune (Nov 27), the warning now compounded by this glorious Full Moon is to end any delusory pursuits to find stability and comfort in relationships that simply do not foster and encourage our true authenticity either as individuals or as groups. Particularly if the relationships we are seeking to keep are based around proving ourselves with some physical, material or monetary worth. Very soon we will have no choice but to begin to withdraw (desperately) to re-appraise this. We will withdraw. Either we will withdraw ourselves, our goods, our services, our precious dollars. Withdrawal with Saturn/Neptune – in one month.

The Full Moon’s alignment to the Mars/Chiron midpoint suggests that this time will become a major turning point in our openness to how we accept the great work of those ‘Light Warriors” out there. Accepting that there is a real force of individuals among us who are either practicing or are quickly transverting towards practicing alternative forms of healing and therapy, guidance and tuition – mostly of ‘spiritual’ or ‘energetic’ methods to help annihilate any blockages or hindrances to our pursuit of true health, wealth and happiness.

True story. It’s happening. Chances are, you’re probably one of these amazing helpers. If not now, you might soon discover that you might be.

Another midpoint to Venus/Mars accentuates that our romantic interests are either vitalising or depleting our chances of finding physical or financial stability. Perhaps we need to value our own selves a little more before we finally pursue any satisfaction and stability in our passionate love conquests. These too are changing. The requirements are undergoing some drastic transitions into a more cooperative, more understanding realm, the likes of which few of us are yet completely clear about. Again, our ‘light-sabred’ healers will guide the way.

A critical midpoint to Neptune/Node by this Full Moon also adds unprecedented power to connect to others with whom most feels a psychic affinity. Physical relationships alone are evidently not be able to satisfy our full, very sophisticated needs to be nurtured on a spiritual level. This raises our understanding that unless we appraise and start to appreciate those very subtle, hidden influences that we increasingly draw and replenish from one another, that we may completely overlook how we are either being drained or energised by our connections. These connections also increasingly including varied and vicarious contacts made over the internet, which themselves largely operate along a 5th dimensional contact stream, existing largely in an alternative dimension  and capable of giving us either the ultimate (unconditional) love or the most obscene aberration of what we believe to be the truth but in effect becomes the greatest lie.

One last midpoint to Mars /Jupiter certainly endows us with the impeccable timing, skill and purpose to confidently and securely make a decision and follow through with appropriate action.

The truth is that we have learned much. Many of us have done this by already losing much. Many of us have realised this in recent weeks… months. Many more in the last few days. As the truth starts to come to town. We will all become affected in the next month.

This Full Moon warns us that our pursuit of happiness and fulfilment is divinely flawed. We are drawing water out of a very conditional well. And it is true, with all these limitations some; many; all of us will eventually miss out to some extent. And then nothing will matter.

Time to try the unconditional well. The infinite supply..

If an end has to be drawn, let it be that whatever we have been pursuing in our attempt to secure physical, financial or psychological sturdiness in our world, needs to change dramatically. Any dependence on old-world comforts and values will ultimately fail to meet our needs for emotional stability must be attributed to our wholesale failure to choose a satisfactory value system that nurtures our spiritual as well as our physical needs. These needs cannot be mutually exclusive. In fact, those who have reached true satisfaction have done so by finding a healthy balance between

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