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Daily Planets 23rd-30th September

Wednesday 30th, September

If you are feeling a little out of sorts at the moment, then don’t be too surprised. Particularly if you are of the ‘sensitive’ kind. You are not alone.

Best to keep those tissues handy in that baggy.

Ang StoicMuch energy has shifted in the last 48 hours or so. Much indeed. And much more is coming. It’s brought intense internal changes.

We are developing into a new, light body.

Not so long after the most powerful full moon of the year (eclipsed by the earth), the Sun erupted with an intense M7.6 flare – powerful enough to take out low-frequency radio communications over South America and the Atlantic Ocean. This is probably not the last flare either.

Could you feel the effect?

Soon (next 24 hours), Mercury will retrograde into a conjunction with the Sun, stimulating an electro-magnetic frenzy upon our highly sensitised mental/emotional bodies. This sensitivity will be immensely heightened with an ominous ‘Yod’ formation by the Moon/Neptune sextile.

Discussions could become a ‘touch’ more personal, delving masterfully into little vulnerabilities and pushing hyper-emotional beings (like you) into an awful state of confusion and mental disarray.

Tread softly. We are extremely raw after the weekend.


This is hard, I know…
It’s hard for me too, MERCURY YOD on MOON:NEPTUNEok?
but we have been over it,
again and again,
and you’re always so blue,
’cause the stuff that you carry,
it’s just wistful and heavy
it’s so tied to the past
you could never be true
listen here, dear, old bag
it’s just time to move on,
gonna leave you right here
and jump on the next train

…no i don’t want to talk
there is nothing to say
gonna just let you go
and just walk away…



How cool would it be to have the skills or abilities to remove embarrassment, confusion, uncertainty from your mind?

It’s easy. Just understand this:

Your thoughts are not your own in the first place. Everything your mind comes to gather – collected thoughts that you construct as worrisome ideas are just as easily dismantled and released.

When you were a child you may have been taught how to pray before your bedtime, asking for mercy and forgiveness for any inappropriate deeds. Then later, as you slept, you slipped away into archangelic realms and dreamt yourself back to a reset point by morning. All of your worries disappeared and you were fresh for the new day.

Now in your present state of adulthood you can do the same.

Know that to drop any thought that is self-defeating, negative or undermining is easy.
1) Bring yourself to the present moment, somewhere where there is stillness and quiet, where you are not engaged with the world around you.
2) At this point, know that any worrying thoughts that hover through your head do not at all belong to you – release them back into the ethers
3) Let no opinion or judgement others have become any concern of yours either.

Allow all thoughts to drift away today. Practice the art of daydreaming, prayer and meditation.

And ‘Peace In’.

[art: František Dvořák, The Guardian Angel, 1911]

Tuesday 29th, September

Who are you if not a lump sum product of your memories, right?

And some creatures are seriously more retentive of their memories than others.

They say an elephant never forgets, but then again, elephants are heavy, and such slow creatures.

Who are you if not a lump sum product of your memories, right?

And some creatures are seriously more retentive of their memories than others.

They say an elephant never forgets, but then again, elephants are heavy, and such slow creatures.

Ever notice, when you’re talking to some people, that everything they see or hear seems to become a trigger for them to bust out into their own detailed (sometimes painful, sometimes revised) story from their own experience?

“this reminds me of the time such-and-such happened, and i did this”…

What are they really saying?MOON conjunct URANUS (square PLUTO)

Essentially they are identifying their ego to an exterior sensation. Their whole identity is attached to the past, and therefore a PAST VERSION OF THEMSELVES seems to constantly interfere with their ability to EXPERIENCE THE PRESENT.

We all do this, to some degree. It is the human condition. And it repeats on us, constantly, whether it is in our stories or our thoughts, which influence our behaviour in the NOW.

Letting go of that urge to hang on, particularly to dark or heavy memories will immediately make you lighter as a being.

Intercepting thoughts that re-mind you of a former version of yourself, dropping them, will allow you to transform into a lighter, much faster being.

Don’t let your past possess you. Shut that shit down immediately.

Catch up with the now.

Become the latest version of yourself.

Most people are still completely unaware about this ‘ASCENSION’ thing.

Essentially we are talking about your spiritual development. This process has become so deeply shrouded by the density of our three-dimensional reality that many humans are still unaware of their higher selves.

Deep inside of each of us resides a strand of pure intelligence that resonates at light-frequencies. It serves to nourish our senses and to ultimately connect us to a yet greater, more unified intelligence.

Many are completely oblivious to this.

Many, but not all.

Some are more sensitive. Their bodies are becoming lighter, less dependent on the densely compressed structures of the physical world. They are increasingly less bound by the constraints of time (past – future – death).
They do not see things as conditional or separate. They sense little or no separation between their mental/ emotional/ physical/ spiritual bodies.

In the awakening 3-year build-up to this current period, these, more sensitive individuals began to witness the immense suffering caused by the human experience of separateness. This is the suffering imposed by the rigid structures of the three-dimensional plane. They began to see how fear, resistance, resentment, jealousy and possession only brought anger and other actions taken without any thought.

Today those individuals are ascending to a higher level of awareness. They become increasing free from acting out of fear. In doing, they help to raise the collective awareness of the entire universe.

Help by at least identifying them.

ASCENSION, william blake, jacobs ladder, spiritual astrology

[art: William Blake, Jacob’s Ladder]

Monday 28th September

MOON opposition MERCURY Rx (approaching PLUTO/URANUS)

Understand this:

In less than 24 hours from now your whole paradigm of what has formerly brought you emotional security would have shifted exponentially.

What (even as recently as 7 days ago) might easily have brought your personal world into a state of complete meltdown, largely through relapses into self-destructive hang-ups, will become an identifiable trigger for you, and you will see.

An evolutionary epiphany will occur.

An internal lightning storm will have illuminated your most intimate emotional circuitry, helping you at once identify the most diabolical thing about you… the one thing holding you back, the chief saboteur in your inner sanctum.

And unlike ever before, you will be remarkably capable of completely detaching yourself from it. Breaking away… shutting down that demon entirely.

What is that…?

What are you doing to yourself that seems to trash your chances of attaining the next leMOON opposition MERCURY Rx (approaching PLUTO:URANUS)vel of emotional happiness?

Chances are you are already aware of the situation.
Chances are that you are already in ‘discussions’ about this matter.

Maybe get a pen and some paper and make a little note:

Make it sound something like:

“Every single time I lose it by reacting like …………… things turn out …………………. for me. This ultimately ruins my chances of happiness in my ……………… affairs Perhaps it might be wiser if just began to respond with …………………… instead.”

Yeah, try that.
Write that down into a sentence that makes some real sense for you.
Maybe stick it on the refrigerator, next to the picture of your dear, beloved, recently departed ex.

And carry on, as you were (but different).

Full moon astrology, elcipse meaning


I hold my strength
with firm intent
release all thoughts
from all emotion

I move right through
each blessed moment
and carry through
without commotion

I learn to stand now
In my being
and just discern
each thought and notion

with every action
that i take
I seek to generate
perpetual motion

I ask for balance
in my world
and live my truth
with pure devotion


Time comes and people must go their ways.

Just as some animals were never meant to be caged, some people too were never meant to be held. They are best released back into the wider arms of nature, to live free and roam wild.

Their magnificence can never be contained or become cultivated to suit your personal needs.

As you open their cage to feed them they bust loose past you, and that part of you that knows it was wrong to hold them captive in the first place also rejoices for their liberation.

ARIES MOON upon the SOUTH NODEYes, your world may be left in a grim state of drab emptiness after their release. Do not hold any bitterness or hurt for this. It is important to forgive yourself for ever trying to hang on to something so connected to its nature.

Some things can never become cultivated into complimenting you. Some things can never be held.

Know this.

Bow to their magnificence and release them with love.

SATURN sextile Blood Moon Nodal Axis

SATURN sextile Blood Moon Nodal Axis

Get ready to realise something.

Something all about you.

For once you might have to rely on someone other than someone else.
For once you might just have to rely on you.

For once you might not need to be of help.
For once you might just need to be.

Sunday, 27th September



In less than 24 hours the intensity of this moon will reach full peak.

The pain of dissolution you are sensing right now is enormous.

Connecting to your wounding – really unlocking the shame and humiliation of feeling used as the unwitting participant in someone’s else’s circus can leave you feeling profoundly vulnerable. Maybe you have become emotional to the point of flooding tears. Nothing hurts more than the sheer indignation of what you have had to endure till now.

But really, were you ever kept captive? Weren’t you always free to go and do as you pleased?


Perhaps you felt that you were given no option – like you were born into captivity and trained from infancy to jump through hoops and perform stupid menial tasks for the amusement of others – held to entertain a random public for just mere peanuts in return.

Drawing back your strength from this is going to have to be a daily ritual now.

Becoming meditative means staying clear and present, focus upon yourself and your own inner needs.

We have to ween ourselves off those peanuts, as secure as the made us feel, they simply weren’t enough. We have to stop depending on the greater society to supply us with the motivation and the reason to perform. We need to fully shake the shackles of our cultural conditioning and stop making concessions or excuses to feeling less than special.

We are only moments away (if not already there) from discovering it was all a giant hoax anyway.

Hang in there dear, sweet heart. You are almost completely free.

Just have to overcome society’s expectations.

You can do it.
You have the key.

MARS in VIRGO square SATURN (after the recent VENUS trine URANUS) part II.

Yeah, you…

Don’t act so frustrated. There’s obviously ‘something stupid’ that you’re doing to fuck this over, time and time again.

You know it’s you. You know it’s YOUR baggage, so don’t get all defensive with it now. You need to OWN that shit because until you do you will never be able to unload that.

And sure, it may be “in your DNA”, or “in your family tradition”, or in “in your cultural heritage” to act in such willfully toxic ways, but can’t you see the pain it keeps on bringing into your living reality?

Wake up now – face the truth.MARS in VIRGO square SATURN (after the recent VENUS trine URANUS) part II.
Have a look behind you.
It’s YOUR baggage.
Deal with it.

[can’t take it with you on this journey]

PS you actually ARE capable of affecting your “culture”, your “family tradition”, even your precious “DNA” – I have seen it and continue to see it in my work every day, so don’t give me your bullshit denial – i will flick you.

There is no time left (or right).
Centre now.


Saturday, 26th September


And so…

In this period between eclipses – since Saturn’s re-entry into Sagittarius – the hard push has been to ditch the last of our past attachments and psychological accoutrements and boldly walk our own journey without any of that self-destructive baggage.

It’s not been easy. There have been relapses into our sweet old compulsions but they have only threatened to be PISCES MOON conjunct NEPTUNEmore catastrophic to our growth.

It’s a precarious time now.

You are most sensitive and prone to fall most deeply into the abyss. There is no safety net.

Don’t get distracted or dissuaded from your path. You are almost there.
And there’s no turning back…

A new earth awaits you in a just couple of days.


Nothing. Nothing you can do is going to get that damned spot out.

You can fuss it but it will not come out.

It is stained into the smallest particles of truth, and it cannot be so easily cleansed, regardless of how hard you scrub it.

You know it.


And it’s going to have to wear.

Sometimes you have to be a little philosophical – you have to say, “to hell with all my blemishes and flaws, I am as ready now as I will ever be”.

In the bigger scheme of things you are perfectly ready.
You are perfect in all your imperfections.

Do not psyche yourself out of this – the world depends on you to move on, warts and all.

PS the spot is in your fucking mind.

PLUTO goes direct, SUN on the NORTH NODE

Asrrology Report, wekkly horoscope, Ang Stoic

Picture yourself seated in a packed auditorium, 11 rows high, 11 seats across.

All seats are taken and you are in there somewhere too, all watching the gripping, 99-hour drama, “The evolution of consciousness”.

Everyone in the auditorium is trying to enjoy the show, yet, those in the lower sections are not as aware of the plot as those sitting higher towards the top.

Some of the individuals at the very front are completely asleep, while others are just noisily chattering to themselves or squabbling with those next to them, completely ignoring the main proceedings. As we go higher there seems to be a greater engagement into the program, and those individuals toward the very top, near the exit, are not only present enough to grasp the full meaning of the experience, they are able to guide others along with what is really going on.

Few… very few, are able to come and go from the auditorium as they please, experience other (infinite) shows within the complex, whilst ONE of them – the very END seat is ready to leave the complex outright, as if able to view and affect all possible permutations of this, and every alternative show playing.

He/she who permanently graduates out of the auditorium is able to join the CREATOR of these amazing shows, assisting as a creative advisor.

As the seat at the very top end becomes vacant, everyone who remains seated is able to move one seat along, gradually ascending their own position towards the top.

Such is the evolutionary path along the journey into our own consciousness.

Take a look. Can you see yourself in there?
Where abouts are you seated?

Join me now by signing up to an exclusive, SUBSCRIBER ONLY publication, commencing soon, as we begin to explore the evolutionary path through the various degrees of consciousness @https://angstoic.com/membership-join/membership-registration/

Blessings to you all.

MARS in VIRGO square SATURN (after the recent VENUS trine URANUS)

You had romance all in the palm of your sweet hand,
it took you by surprise and swirled you ’round in its command
it made your head all light and positively dizzy
sent your heart into great explosions, spirits fizzy
and then, for just a moment, your mind flinched and went all busy…
and fear set in
and doubt took over
and you retracted into dutiful recoil
and fear and panic sprung a leap to make a spoil
– the one true chance you had to celebrate some full, all-rounded passion
was summarily ended in a cold and heartless fashion,
MARS in VIRGO square SATURN (after the recent VENUS trine URANUS)and now i’
m here to tell you only this, my dear
that if you’re stuck here, it should only be quite clear
the only thing that may have done you any damage
is your own clinging, blind adherence to your baggage…


…maybe the next train

Friday, 25th September


What does it mean to be human?

Is it a collection of history and geography’s greatest hits & memories, cultural tracks being played over and over into your mindstream like a Classic Gold FM Radio station? Is that what feeds your iMOON in AQUARIUSdentity of humanness – some scratchy playlist from a past decade composed by artists who are no longer even alive?

Or is your wheel turning on a different track altogether?

Cultural baggage is society’s heaviness. Our religions, laws, moral codes and ethics are based on old, toxically sentimental programs that are being repeated constantly, until they cause a form of madness.

Get real.
Get with the real program.
Turn to a new station that plays the latest tracks.
Insist on listening to something you have never heard before.

Thursday, 24th September

Rx MERCURY square PLUTO, sesqui MARS

The facility is there.
To use or abuse.
To possess or to become the instrument of a possession.
To control like a formidable sword, surgically cutting through into the psychic heart of the matter,
or to allow it to take over and obsessively finish the job with cruel and menacing intent.

Either way, the facility is available to finish this.

The mind switches into overdrive, and whilst in retrograde it whirrs and spirals upon a theme – it’s thinking back, and fixes hard upon a ‘something’ – something that needed to be addressed, and now becomes a matter to defend, a matter of integrity and pride and it’s now time to ‘balance out the score’.

Stand clear.
This could get nasty. There could be a spill.

Ambition can bring out the ugliest shades of our humanness just out of the blue.

How can this be pretty?
Can such mania be handled with Love?

Stand clear – the manic mind is on the loose.

Rx MERCURY square PLUTO, sesqui MARS

EQUINOX SUN on the NORTH NODE (Rx Mercury square Pluto)

Truly an epic couple of days coming up, when we come to leave behind anything that seems to be hampering our rise onto the next evolutionary level.

EQUINOX SUN on the NORTH NODE (Rx Mercury square Pluto)

No, ‘Ascension’ does not mean the skies are suddenly going to open up and take us into the heavens. For 99.9999 % it’s not going to be as easy as all that (i’m afraid).

The human race is now splitting in half.

The driving wedge continues to deepen between the heavy, carbon-based individuals who are here to keep the functional, practical needs of humanity supplied, and those lighter, crystalline creatures who, using their enormous sensitivity, begin to move towards a much clearer, more determined understanding of what this human experience is all about**.

The great divergence of 2015 is becoming even more stark and clear.

Do not try to force yourself into thinking that THEY are anything like YOU.

Many could never be. Many could never even begin to comprehend where you draw your wonderful inspiration, your beauty, your creative talent, your grace.

Many are only interested in harvesting your precious emotional resources to somehow add to their very limited range of products and commodities.

Your sensitivity is priceless.

Align with your tribe. It’s time to go the next level.

** More on this later.

Wednesday, 23rd September

MOON still in Capricorn (past Pluto/Uranus mp)

MOON still in Capricorn (past Pluto:Uranus mp)Ok… so you lost it a little back there. Couldn’t help yourself could you?


What to do?

You’re an emotional creature, right? You can’t be held responsible – especially when all ‘circumstances’ conspire to throw you off your poise and purpose without thinking. And with all this Jupiter/Neptune temptation still dangling about, you are easily prone to revert into your humanness and flash those feelers without thinking…

…and then you go and do things that perhaps you should-a, ought-a not-a.


Much happens in one millisecond. Reactions take hold of that pistol faster than a shootout in the main street of Deadwood at high noon.

Yet the magical thing is that your awareness between ‘losing it’ and ‘finding it’ is becoming almost instantaneous.

Learning that your REACTIONS DETERMINE THE OUTCOME of the situation is the key to self-mastery here.

And learning too, that holding back those (sometimes powerful) emotions for just a moment is as easy as taking one deep breath into your centre before making that self-destructive call is what it’s really all about.

Be proud that you are nearly there.

Won’t happen again, right?

Wednesday, 23rd September

VENUS trine URANUS (inconjunct CHIRON)

Now is the moment to take a leap into something quite wonderful, unusual, insane.

It seems all so excitingly fresh, new and so… NOW.

Love is an emotion, and like all emotions exists only in the moment. Doing what you LOVE means you have arrived in the PRESENT, have found PEACE, and have begun to generate the reciprocating currency of APPRECIATION in your world.

It’s easy.
Just leave all your discontent, your grumbles, your fears and your insecurities behind.

Dare to come here,
with all your heart,
and love,

Venus trine Uranus

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