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The Daily Planets 13th-22 of September

Tuesday, 22nd September

PLUTO stationing to turn direct at 12° 58′ Capricorn

It’s no secret.

Those things you took in deeply, to stew and ruminate upon over these last few months, are about to come up to the surface where the real alchemy is about to begin.

Issues tied to your own subconscious manifesting, how you can master and apply theseangg to make transformative changes in your outer world, will soon
become strongly evident.

In your relationships – your sexuality, your force and in your personal resources in all affairs – things become so intense and critical. If you don’t protect yourself there’s a strong chance you could end up being fucked in ways you never could imagine.

Could be just what you need…

MOON in CAPRICORN (approaching PLUTO)

[Art: Caras Ionut]
Once you let all that baggage go – even all those little pesky hang-ups that keep riding and possessing you (you know the ones – those persistent little hooks that refuse to let go) then you will begin to rise.
It’s easier to see your inner child from higher above. Watch him grow in confidence and purpose with every step.
It is also easier to stumble now too. One must maintain a stern vigilance to keep a steady footing. One wrong step could see you can fall down flat upon your face, and that could prove embarrassing.
Everyone’s watching you in this moment. Be the example of mindfulness. Hold that composure.
The strict gravitational pull of this three-dimensional world is desperate to bring you down into a crashing heap if you so much as flinch in your stride.
We have reached such a pace of acceleration that the consequences between cause and effect are almost instantaneous. Notice how easily your baggage drags you down?
Steady now – don’t lose it, ok?

MARS sesquisquare PLUTO

Looks like someone’s cranked up the heat now and the cocksure bully antics to get, get, get a-head, head, head can easily go from mad to monstrous in the blink of just one highly-volatile, octane-fueled, easily-ignited firestorm.

Just go easy on the coffee intake levels over the next 24-hours, OK?

If applied well, there is tremendous drive to perform some record-levels of accomplishment here.

Just see that you stick to the plan there… right, ‘psycho’?

Monday, 21st September

MERCURY semi-square SATURN

The cult of ignorance is a rampant epidemic that now threatens to wipe out those very misguided minds who have become attached to this three-dimensional hologram of social reality.

Incomprehension and vilification of those who are deeply connected to the ethereal sensitivities of this planet, casting them out of their homes and rejecting them from taking part in the main stream ‘ride’ of this society is creating a different main stream – one of rejected, free-floating individuals seeking a place to belong.

The battered housewife, the poor and homeless, the misunderstood empath, the delinquent criminal, the drug-affected son, the ‘political’ refugee cast out in the desperate purgatory hell that is ‘outer society’, is becoming a growing epidemic among us.

We are fast dividing into those who are stuck in the prism of society’s ignorant mind, and those who are willing to learn.

Drop the preconceived mind. Stay sceptical, but learn to listen.

Prism, schism, cataclysm
get me out of this mental prison
lost all faith in your religion
sick of its harsh criticism
once, when young I prayed with rhythm
heard your sermons, stern derisions
kept me brainwashed, now i’ve risen
watch me make some tough decisions
honed my mind to smart precision
words with bite and sharp incision
best served cold, in altruism
now it’s time for y’all to listen
pay attention to my reason
hear me out, I’m on a mission
rant against your strict deism
your belief is untruism
now accept my atheism
just a product of your treason
all you preached was pure division
scepticism from your bosom
please bring back my childhood vision
i demand clear definition
now left desperate for that wisdom
of my blocked idealism.

Sunday, 20th September


[Art: Caras Ionut]
See? Not so hard to drop that baggage, was it?

In just one instant you came to this present moment and announced “I will not allow myself to carry any of that useless junk any further”.

Sure, you will take some memories with you, but may those be the fondest sentiments, with no hard feelings harboured at all. Forgiveness is the key element here.

Time now to take that inner child by the hand and explore the great wonderment of the vast unknown that lies ahead.

This is going to be a great journey…

Moon square Jupiter/Neptune

NEW WORD: Higher Law

Just above the laws of man, his edicts and the constitutions of his government, hovers something higher.

A superior force that seeks to serve fairness, morality and justice and sees all things (including man’s law) come into accordance with the principles of the universe.
The universal voice; the supreme truth; the great spirit; the intent; the suchness; god; love… whatever you want to call it – it is what reigns over nature’s divine order and it is bigger than you.

… if you are at all aware, you may ‘believe’ there’s something there.

[NB: This is not a religious announcement – carry on being wild and free]

Saturday, 19th September

[Art: Caras Ionut]
Ok, now this MOON in SCORPIO is definitely your last big chance to decide whether you are going to keep hanging on to the heavily radioactive, toxic waste from that past relationship into every new situation or whether you will just drop it and embrace the magic that’s just positively bursting to come into your life.

Yes, we know it hurt, and the pain is awfully hard to forget, and on top of it all, you still hold a glimmer of hope that he/she might resurface as a ‘new person‘.

But really? Is there ever going back to something that has left you carrying so much negativity?

Nobody who comes along today is going to help you carry your old baggage into anything exciting and new. At best, if they are clever enough they will ride you on it, only at your own expense.

On this ‘evolutionary’ journey, no-one gladly wants your past baggage. If you really must carry some, keep it small, and well-concealed inside your pocket until you can get rid of it completely.

Saturn Leaves Scorpio

One thing we must have learned from Saturn in Scorpio is that everything comes at a price.

There are no free rides.

What looks delicious, tantalizingly sexy, powerful and charming, intriguing and mysterious, rich, and capable to satiate our lusty, greedy, sinful desire for a thrill, always carries a lethal stinging barb.

Messing with it is most certainly going to come at a cost.

Somewhere, in Saturn’s laws and lexicon of physical properties and mathematical exactitude, he demands that the PROPERTIES of what you are inclined to TAKE must somehow (by one means or another) come to equal what you are prepared to GIVE.

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This is one negotiation in which Saturn is supremely masterful, ruling over in every enterprise with shrewd and clever calculation. Only a fool neglects to see that the laws of physics are very, very strict. Only a fool assumes to take something without giving.

Of course, with Saturn in Scorpio over these past 2-3 years, we may have had to go deep, deep into the meta-meta-physics to explore how the mechanics of this GIVE/TAKE equation works. Certainly, through some emotional, psychological, spiritual, financial pain we have discovered (the hard way) that we must be careful what we bargain for.

One thing we absolutely owe Saturn, is that he has provided the opportunity to learn about the price of getting involved.

Operates on some wicked levels, don’t it? [don’t worry, in the end you’ll be better for it]


Thank you Saturn in Scorpio…
You utter, utter, prick.

Fuck you
Here is your abuse right back at you..
here, stick it in your ass.
I will remain my crazy-ass fucking self
Not to spite you,
not to satiate your salivating lust to try and destroy me
not to see me bleeding busted, falling
tried to shake my sacred trusted calling
put me in your boxing ring, and tried to
break my spirit with your mean, and ruthless pressing sting
and your agro-passive thing,
I gained nothing but technique, self-styled mastery to tweak
all my senses, elevated and refined,
read your nonsense news and unrelenting lies
saw right through that filthy slime,
you tried to cut me in my prime…
yeah, I could see what you were doing,
brewing, stewing my undoing, but instead i was renewing
see? I made it – I survived.
All the strength I was accruing, and my wisdom was ensuing
that the day that YOU was rueing
has most finally arrived…

Goodbye Saturn in Sc.
Thank you very much.
Fuck you, I made it.

… bring on Saturn in Sadge.

Friday, 18th September

JUPITER opposition NEPTUNE, NORTH NODE in the final degree of LIBRA

Have you always had a sense of your own specialness?
Always wanted to share this of yourself, yet, in your sensitivity, felt that this was often mistaken, misled, taken advantage of by other beings whose own interests and ambitious agendas seemed easily to engulf, take over and shut your own specialness down?

In the past three years you have slowly begun to extricate yourself from those overpowering forces that ride over your own freedom to be special. You have learned that no agreement to anything is binding if it serves only to stifle your own consciousness of that inner specialness.

You are reaching a point of total awareness of just how much your individual self has become compromised, and are now ready to take this one final step into a liberating self-empowerment.

You have evolved exponentially. Since last year’s Aries Blood Moon – much has changed. It was a critical turning point.
[review that event here....Recap ~ the Second Blood Moon]

The fourth and final Blood Moon will occur in less than two weeks… last Sunday’s Virgo Solar Eclipse has blessed us to clean up our act, to become most discerning about every misaligned agreement that remains in our world. This next Aries Blood Moon (Sep 29) will snap us into a purifying light ascension.

Let go of ALL remaining baggage now…

Thursday, 17th September

NEW WORD: Ascension [uh-sen-shuh n]

noun: a rising up into the 5th dimensional realm – a unified field of expanding light where density of matter is rarified, consciousness is decompressed so that awareness is allowed to expand outwardly from a central point.

Jesus Christ done it. Guatama Buddha too. Krishna, Confucius, Lao Tsu, St Germain, Ramana Maharshi and a host of other lovely beings. They all done the ascension thing. But that was ages ago, and they almost certainly were forced to go this road alone…

In 2011 the first gusts of cosmic light engulfed this planet, loosening us away from interests that seemed to no longer hold us. Over 2012-2015 they proceeded to interrupt and dismantle some of our greatest interests in this 3-dimensional reality. Stuff like ‘buddies’, ‘husbands/wives’, ‘career loyalties’, ‘business partnerships’, ‘sex’, ‘national pride’, ‘religious devotion’, ‘political allegiances’ even things like ‘money’ began to lose their attractiveness if they involved any kind of heaviness, density or darkness…

Not everyone, but anyone whose consciousness began to expand, began to fall away from these uncomfortable (albeit invisible) ties, interests or attachments. Many folks gradually became aware that there might be nothing binding in our interpersonal agreements after all. Just space.

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This rarifying of this former energetic pull between beings on this planet is what is laying down the foundation for the whole ascension process.

Stay tuned for more on this ‘process’ over the next few days…

Thursday, 16th September

SATURN and JUNO sextile in their last degree

Say goodbye to a marriage that promised only notions of comfort and security through much control over the practical necessities.

Through its device of ownership and custom, it held you chastised by its clasping claws of social, emotional manipulation and pressed you down into a servitude to duty, order and routine. It held you to ransom by an AGREEMENT – a pact drafted by a society whose only fear was that they might become obliged to raise your children for you…

In return, they charged you interest on an investment to stay put, in an abode; in a career; in a situation that promised (in time) only to become the shell of the container that would bury you and your whole creative power.

What’s that? You say you liked all that?

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As the Libra Moon activates this midpoint in a few short hours, it’s time to weigh up (one last time) the overall value of this ‘sacred’ agreement. Did it align in accordance with the language of your heart?

Has it brought out the best in you, or has it only served to make you a better servant, a humble slave to a secular system whose entire design was to farm your youth, your beauty, your children and your tender loving heart into a workable commodity for the consumer world to harvest?

After all, who married what…?

MERCURY stationing on the PLUTO/URANUS midpoint

Hold on now, as we prepare to go inwards for a bit. Things will become clearer as we unlock the last piece of this amazing evolutionary mystery.

MERCURY, PLUTO/URANUS midpoint, pluto uranus square, mercury, astrology report, astrology readings,

A rapid assessment of another’s evolutionary level will help you to determine whether they are with you or they are still stuck in the hard constructs of the third-dimensional field.

This has nothing to do with age, education, class or any other preconceived distinction. Recognising those of your ilk is quickly becoming an immediate acquiescence.

Do not hesitate to move on from those that do not get you in this moment. They are travelling at a different pace, in another gear, upon a different surface.

Stay centred.

Tuesday, 15th September

MERCURY sextile VENUS (semi-sq SATURN)

In the myriad of choices, ideas and possibilities available to you in this place (now), here is the chance to take one direction, follow its path, reach a destination.

Doesn’t have to be a long way, nor do you need to take large strides. Just come back HERE, make a DECISION, follow through with some ACTION, achieve a RESULT.

Choices are nice, but meaningless unless you can apply the necessary discipline to use them creatively.

Choose your road and stick it out.

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Sunday, 13th September


MOON on JUPITER/NEPTUNE midpoint, neptune opposition jupiter, moon square jupiter, moon square jupiter,

Meet Lil’ Miss Understanding.

She gets around town with her nose in the air
believing in hunches that really aren’t there
she comes to conclusions all drawn from a within
and usually, well… they’re all based on a whim,
her moods are divinely, instinctively tuned
too bad that her insights are wrongly assumed
occasionally though, she’s convinced by a stinker
a lie she naively bought – hook, line and sinker
the truth is the truth, unless it’s mistaken
she charges you anyway, full of wild accusation
yet hold her to reason, she screams it’s ‘blue murder’
your “cynical ways” are “designed just to hurt her”,
be mindful just how you address her mistake
her sensitive heart is just begging to break.

Avoid massive emotional dramas and misunderstandings – do not dabble with psychobabble, spiritual rabble and speculative gamble (and lay off the wacky weed).

Don’t assume – investigate wisely.

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