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The Week Ahead: September 20-27

In the purgatory fortnight between eclipses, when Saturn left the excruciatingly difficult sign of Scorpio and entered Sagittarius, we now find ourselves  thrown  into a new raft of existential conundrums.

The world has discovered the heavy price of ‘getting involved’ and now, endeavours to move forward by attending to the philosophical, cultural and contractual agreements around the laws of give and take. This comes largely at the expense of (often) a very painful period of forced separation from our previous attachments, particularly those of the psychological kind, where many of us over-arched our emotional resources and left ourselves vulnerable and ultimately physically, spiritually and mentally depleted.

It is a time of respite, reflection and resolution as we lead into the final Blood Moon (in Aries) at the end of this month.

Pressed to find meaning and truth through the rubble of destruction left by Saturn, who somehow managed to ruin his own three-dimensional structures by ploughing through Scorpio, we are in a rare state of post-apocalyptic quandary.

Looking at the structured world with fresh eyes, and provided we have the strength to release all that does not serve to bring us happiness, there is now a  chance to conceive of a new earth.

Another world is not only possible, she is on her way.
On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing.”
~ Arundhati Roy

If we have learned only one thing, it is this:- that in spite of the apparent practical security and predictability provided by our personal and professional relationships, some had become emotionally insufferable to the point that they became untenable… particularly if we were unaware of the true extent of our involvement. What may have  initially be entered into as a supportive and sustaining unit, ultimately showed enormous levels of abusiveness.

Saturn’s path through Scorpio revealed these things, in solid, crystal clear terms.

In the end, the perils of expectation, possessiveness and jealousy, as well as manipulation and tyranny took their toll on our affairs. Those nasty elements that tried to fix us into an interminable emotional commitment to something (be it personal, professional or political), had become so overpoweringly compromising to our independent spirit that they eventually left us with no choice but to literally pack up and cut off, leading us now onto new stretch of road, and starting all over again.

Such has been the very profound outcome of this extraordinary transformation process since 2011/2012.

These effects were made even more pronounced by the coinciding ‘outer’ forces of the 7 consecutive Uranus/Pluto squares (2012-2015). These global revolutionary jolts have accelerated the collective consciousness out of a mindless, spiritual slumber. Our evolutionary pace is currently occurring at quantum levels. As more of us become aware of the fact that we have been in a zombified stupor, the more exponential the shift in collective awakening.

This has certainly been a good kick up the backside  to the ‘consumer’ in each of us.

Everything we had invested in the exterior, material reality over the past 2-3 decades had found itself being dismantled over the past three years – as if all past agreements had just become exposed as being abjectly incapable of holding our blessed souls into a fixed state of submission. With Saturn arriving into Sagittarius, it is time now to look at forming fresh agreements – ones that align to a higher law/vibration –  allowing as much scope for growth, justice and prosperity – not just for now, but for all posterity.

By the end of this period, regardless of who you are, we must all  ask some really important questions about our ‘consumer habits’:

  • How is what I am about to invest  in going to totally dignify my integrity ?
  • Will it bring out the best in me and ecology as a whole ?
  • What will be the emotional, spiritual as well as the physical/financial costs?
  • Do I have the resources to afford this?
  • What value will it add to my life?
  • How is what I am accepting allowing scope for maximum freedom of expression?

Remember, there are still many forces out there trying desperately to control your interests. Governments, corporations, banks, churches, employers, ‘spiritual’ leaders, love-interests, parents, etc. still vying hard to pressure you into buying into their promiseof providing you with security and emotional satisfaction.

Is what they’re selling for real?

At this juncture, you are discovering that rules are made to be re-negotiated and sometimes, broken. One must be bold enough to live life on their own terms, and never apologize for it. There is amazing power in choosing to go against the grain, refusing to conform, taking the road less traveled , instead of the well-beaten path, whilst laughing in the face of adversity, and leaping before you look. Remember to dance as though EVERYONE is watching. March to the beat of a different drum (your own). And stubbornly refuse to fit in.

As Jupiter opposes Neptune this week, we make a grand disclosure that hypocrisy, fraud and tyranny is not going to affect us any more. And whilst the mundane world is still seeking a strong and focused leader to take the stand and show us all how to manage the growing misery and pestilence that seems to be dividing us, most governments are in grave danger of being usurped by savvy business-types. Meanwhile the rise of true leaders of hopeshifts largely towards the new mystics, seers and sages – those non-religious, non-denominational, non-egotistical souls whose only message is to trust in your own soul, and follow the dictates of your own true heart. Their rise will not be political, however. Our ascension into a higher consciousness is a purely spiritual matter, and much will unfold as we align ourselves closer to our individual truth.

Meanwhile, as Mercury (in Libra) turned retrograde last week, all forms of standard vis-a-vis communication are shifting gears into a more consultative approach on how we conduct our liaisons with othersparticularly those pertaining to love, marriage, politics and other interpersonal affairs. Time to reflect upon the terms and conditions of those ‘agreements’ with others and create a more honest dialogue between all , even if those affairs have indeed come to an impasse. It’s time to talk more openly and from that deep inner place.

With the North Node also in its last few weeks of Libra, a conjunction to ‘marriage’ asteroid Juno, and the soon incumbent Libra Sun, matters of conjugal importance are further at their peak this week. Our spiritual paths are collectively focused on forming strong alliances with others who strongly resonate with the principles of equality, harmony and balance. These may be brand new encounters, often with a ‘fated’ spiritual sense. By the end of this week, we become conscious of the importance of connecting with other individuals that have a positive, co-operative, affirming influence upon our destiny (as we may equally provide for them). These ties become affirmed and reinforced by Saturn’s sextile to the Node by the very end of the week.

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Above all, have an amazing week!


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