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Saturn in Sagittarius – The Getting of Wisdom

Saturn – the great Lord of Karma and harsh realisations made the transition from Scorpio to Sagittarius on December 23, 2014. and after a brief return to Scorpio (15 June) returns to Sagittarius 18 September. Different times for all of us ahead.

10697188_699368793474307_9106116998739745416_oPresiding over everything like the ominous enforcer of one’s ultimate fate, Saturn is the instrument of rhythm, delivering timely lessons administered smartly over one’s hide by a stern whack of his crook. Like master to pupil, this transiting planet governs  over our mental processes, crystallising our thought patterns into a workable structure, thereby ensuring the certain continuity of civilised everyday existence.

We are stressed, sometimes through worry and negative thinking, to reassess where we are failing. By slowing down the usual rhythms of certain areas of our lives Saturn presses us to tend to matters where we are either lacking discipline or have become so opinionated (due to past conditioning) that we have all but been crippled in dealing with the realities of this present moment.

Saturn’s application of fearful, ominous-style tactics we become seriously accountable, concentrating our experience to the point where we are forced to either come to the present and deal with what is the most pressing thing or suffer the ultimate consequences of loss, and despair. Often we are placed in what seems like an excruciating ordeal, wondering when the discomfort might end. Meanwhile, we are desperately learning that the only way forward is to take a more serious and disciplined approach with matters of responsibility.

The end result is always a sobering and ‘fateful’ understanding that we have to come to terms with a reality which, though unpleasant, was in fact a necessary part of our destiny. Our life’s defining moments are invariably marked by Saturn’s hand of fate. Whilst these experiences often seem quite harsh at the time, they are undeniably necessary toward defining and strengthening our character.

Ultimately we are reminded to come to terms  with what must be done to act with integrity and esteem. Though a sustained period of trials and testing, we learn that we cannot have it all in life. Somehow Saturn prompts you to look inside and find resources on how to become stronger and more self-sufficient in your struggle for survival. Gradually you must build up confidence, and through applied effort and a few hard knocks become fully acquainted with your own true capabilities. Only in this way may allow one becomes aware of the limitations around who you are, physically, economically, professionally, socially. Saturn ultimately puts you in your rightful place.

Saturn’s passage through Scorpio (October 5, 2012 to December 23, 2014)*…brought serious examination into our inter-relationships. Sex, power, shared finances, psychological dramas between ourselves and others – these are the things that needed to be dealt with in the past 2-3 years. Struggles ensued as we tried to define who controls what and who. Deeply emotional and spiritual matters – usually the binding undercurrent of our inter-relational dealings became the source of pressure and frustration,  until the realisation that destructive behavioural patterns had become so obviously unhealthy, toxic and poisonous that unless we terminated these they had the power to destroy us, not only as individuals or our relationships, but quite possibly as a culture..

Much transformation has occurred on a personal level. Many of us have had to adjust our fixed views on power over others. Whether we tended to dominate others or to be dominated, we faced our match in these affairs and most probably found out what it was really all about. Crises, and often complete relationship breakdowns have occurred because the issue of personal disempowerment had become starkly obvious and, if not properly explored and treated with maturity, relationships simply went through a period of tearing apart, before entirely giving way.

scorpio.sagDeath and rebirth of the ego attachments in relationship dynamics has been a major area of focus. Many of those born with Pluto in Leo (1939-1957) might have experienced this issue as a particular affront since this generation has become so accustomed to holding a a supreme power in that their legacy is largely build upon royalty schemes and residual income investments, stemming from a post-war obsession to commandeer the earth and all of its resources.

Saturn in Scorpio also brought us face to face with our deep emotional desires, our understanding of our sexual nature and a broader understanding of our own sexuality, as well as that of others. Most of our disconnection to each other on this subject comes from grossly misaligned or misinterpreted values, confused and exploited mainly by the Neptune in Scorpio generation (1956-1970). Much rebirth has gone on here as we begin to redefine the potency of sex in our lives, understand the power it has over us, even as a society – especially commercially, and begin to understand and accept that, like death, it is just another natural part of our lives and not necessarily a taboo subject. The issue of gender wars and attrition of power balance between the sexes has left the whole matter in a major state of reassessment. This are is still unresolved as many are still unwilling to face obvious truths.

Through all the emotional torment and suffering of this period, the cause of which has often been difficult to pinpoint, we have often felt like we were floating about in some sort of spiritual hell or purgatory, torn between our desires, obsessions and manias for emotionally possession, and our suspicion that we might need to overcome these. Eventually we had come to suffer a strong emotional disconnection, a kind of spiritual death, to be followed by a refreshing reawakening into a world where we feel somewhat exposed and emotionally raw. It became a time to face up to the the uncomfortably deeper issues that we often ignore. And as we know, with Saturn in Scorpio these matters became inescapable and one way or another we are forced to confront them.

*Saturn returns to Scorpio for some unfinished business (15th June – 18th September, 2015).

Saturn in Sagittarius (December 23, 2014 to December 19, 2017) 

…primarily becomes a period of integrating these past few years of experiences and in turn trying to put some meaning behind it all. The emphasis now is to come clean about all the dirt that was raised when Saturn was in Scorpio, confess the truth about what was really going on between us, and deal with these with the highest sense of justice. Nobody is exempt from the law-making clutches of Saturn in Sag. Ultimately there will be an edict to live by that forces some improvement, – education, travel, academic training, spiritual or religious practices or study into metaphysical subjects. The pressure will be tremendous on growth in spiritual (Fire) areas, we will be constantly reminded to know and abide by laws, not necessarily just man-made laws and customs, but ultimately nature’s laws will make us accountable if we have in any way violated her order.

CaptureWhere do the boundaries of the physical world end?
What are the constraints of our universe?

What are the limits of our knowledge, our understanding of truth,
Is there a god and how do we define that?

Religion, politics and worldly beliefs will play a major role in the dynamics of our social interaction and as we seek to define the cohesiveness that ‘god’ creates in our lives, we will also come to be tested on whether our belief systems serve our reality, particularly if they fail to abide by both man’s laws and natural law. Religious conflicts will ensue, particularly around August 2015 when Saturn squares Sagittarius ruler Jupiter.

International boundaries and foreign travel and immigration will become pressing issues. Many people will either be forced to immigrate or will flee their home countries to escape persecution, especially with squares to Neptune mid-2016.

During this next three years the enquiry broadens with aim to define the principles of the highest order. A clash between the supremely true and the naturally judicious as distinguished from the false and fraudulent, unreal and the ridiculous as time slows down to excruciating pace forcing us to come to terms with our myths and misconceptions.

One way or another, until we come to understand, define and respect what is true in our world we stand to experience at least a little frustration and difficulty. It is only in our pursuit of wisdom and knowledge that will stand to eliminate any creeping fears and doubts about the unknown.

“Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” – John 8:32, new Testament.

Where Saturn will apply pressure for you:

Aries/Aries Rising

Own beliefs, outlook on world events and matters of the higher mind. Seriously seeking meaning and purpose in your life.

Taurus/Taurus Rising

Joint enterprises and investments, business partnerships, financial commitment with personal partners, life and death can also be a serious concern with the birth or death of a loved one.

Gemini/Gemini Rising

Relationship with partner, greater responsibilities within the partnership, priorities in both business and personal partnerships – end of serious relationships or close a business contract, marriages or divorces, finally meeting someone significant.

Cancer/Cancer Rising

Health and your daily routine, bad habits replaced by new regime, new diet or exercise routine, relationship with co-workers.

Leo/Leo Rising

Your creations – children, artistic project, relaxation and recreational activities all require responsibility.

Virgo/Virgo Rising

Foundations of your life, renovating house, family and loved ones, building firmer foundations for the future.

Libra/Libra Rising

Communications with others, negotiating a serious deal, putting more thought into your getting your ideas across, learning new skills, relationships with siblings may be restricted.

Scorpio/Scorpio Rising

Financial restrictions, resources are stretched to the limit, self-esteem issues. A more disciplined approach towards building up personal resources, getting personal money matters in order.

Sagittarius/Sagittarius Rising

Reaping what you have sown, facing responsibilities, overwhelmed by duties, receiving recognition for past efforts. New things bring new responsibilities.

Capricorn/Capricorn Rising

Working behind the scenes, clearing the karmic debts, privacy and seclusion rather than limelight. Fear of the unknown and mysticism.

Aquarius/Aquarius Rising

Group commitments become responsibility or burden, friendships that cement their stay or become annulled. New visions for the future take form.

Pisces/Pisces Rising

Career direction, public status, reward and recognition for hard work, reconsidering career options, change of direction, cementing your public status, role as parent or relationship with parents may become more firm/frustrating. 

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